The Plot Ratatouille Movie

10 October 2016

The movie begins with the scene about the French youngest chief ever to have a 5-star restaurant, Auguste Gusteau. He is the author of the best-selling book “Anyone Can Cook” and is loved by everyone, except for Anton Ego – a food critic, who does not support Gusteau’s motto. Then comes the story of Remy, a curious and idealistic rat, living in the attic of a French house with his clan. Remy is gifted with excellent sense of smell and he has a dream of becoming a chief, after reading Gusteau’s book and being inspired by him.

Unlike his clan who use Remy’s talent to detect rat poison in food, Remy disapproves of garbage and has interest in humans and their kitchen (where the food is clean). Once looking for an ingredient in the kitchen, through the television Remy finds that his idol Gusteau died dues to Anton Ego’s harsh comments. Then the old woman – house’s owner discovers Remy and his colony, he is separated from them and floats to Paris on Gusteau’s cookbook. Desperately tired, Remy sees and talk to the chef’s image, taking his advice to look outside.

The Plot Ratatouille Movie Essay Example

As Remy watches from the kitchen skylight of Gusteau’s restaurant, Alfredo Linguini, a young man with no culinary talent, is hired to do trivial duties. Linguini carelessly spills a pot of soup and tries to cover up by adding random ingredients. Horrified by Linguini’s actions, Remy falls into the kitchen and though trying to escape in vain, he cannot help attempting to fix the soup. Remy is captured by Linguini and the boy himself is caught by the strict chief Skinner. As they are arguing in the kitchen, the soup is served; however, to everybody’s surprise, it turns out to be a success.

Colette, the sole woman cook in the kitchen convinces Skinner not to fire Linguini provided that he can cook that soup again. Finding a rat in the kitchen, Skinner orders Linguini to kill him. Interestingly, the boy talks to the rat before shrinking him but then decide to let him be alive. Remy secretly directs Linguini to cook after the two find a way to communicate. Skinner discovers that Linguini is Gusteau’s son, which he hides to prevent Linguini from inheriting the restaurant. Remy learns about the truth and telling Linguini, Skinner is removed.

As the restaurant continues to success, Linguini and Colette develop their love, leaving Remy feeling abandoned. One night Remy and his colony are reunited. Remy argues with Emile and his father over his new career as a secret chef and refuses to stay with the clan. Returning to the restaurant, Linguini and Remy have a falling out, Linguini deciding he no longer needs Remy. Things come to a peak when Ego, food critic whose harsh review about the restaurant before, decides to check it out again. Without the rat’s help, Linguini is obviously unable to cook and he has to tell the truth, bringing his staff down and they all walk out.

Colette later returns after thinking about Gusteau’s motto “Anyone Can Cook”. Inspired by his courage, Remy’s father comes back with the entire rat colony to cook under Remy’s direction. Linguini also finds his true talent, waits tables on roller skates. Colette helps Remy prepare ratatouille, a dish so good that leads Ego to relive his childhood memories when his mother serves him the dish as comfort food. Ego asks to meet the chef, and after all customers have left, Remy and the rats are revealed.

Ego changes his mind, writing a glowing review to praise Gusteau’s chief, declaring that he is “nothing less than the finest chef in France. ” Despite Ego’s approval, the Gusteau’s is closed by a health inspector who finds the rat after Skinner’s report. Ego loses his credibility and job when the public discovers he has praised a rat-infested restaurant. Everything is for the best, however. Ego funds a new bistro run by Linguini, Colette and Remy which includes and dining area for both rats and humans and a kitchen for Remy to continue cooking.

The film ends showing a long queue outside the restaurant and a sign displaying a rat with a blanche toque, holding a spoon and the name “La Ratatouille” under it. 2. General information Ratatouille is the eighth movie of Pixar Animation Studios produced in 2007 and is distributed by Walt Disney Pictures. It is co-written and directed by Brad Bird, who took over from Jan Pinkava in 2005. The title refers to a French dish (ratatouille) which is served in the film, and is also a play on words about the species of the main character.

To create the food animations used in the film, the crew consulted chefs from both France and the United States. Bird also interned at Thomas Keller’sFrench Laundry restaurant, where Keller developed the confit byaldi, a dish used in the film. Ratatouille premiered on June 22, 2007 at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles, California, and had its general release on June 29, 2007 in the United States. The film grossed $623. 7 million at the box office and received critical acclaim. The film later won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, among other honors.

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