The Potential of the Japanese Wine Market for Investors

4 April 2015
A discussion and tips for investors doing Foreign Direct Investment on the Japanese wine market

The author of this paper has divided it into two parts to gain a better understanding of the Japanese wine market. The contemporary aspect of the general Japanese market has been presented within the first part. It comprises the domestic production trends, the importer trends, a consumption analysis and the legislative laws which influence the wine market. The second part of this article looks at the vehicle to enter and the distribution channels of this product. It discusses how wine be sold successfully and how it competes with the local wine industry. It also discusses importation tips for importers.
“It is often said that Japan is one of the most difficult markets for a foreign company to penetrate. The lack of understanding of Japanese business culture and complexity of the market are seen as barriers to entry. Before we make clear why we choose wine to get in the Japanese market, we need to know what is the environment within and how we use the strategy to enter this market.”

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