The Power of Literature

Humanity has an instinctive fear of death, though it is a natural course of life. It’s often said that in the moments immediately preceding death, or even a near-death experience, one’s life flashes before his/her eyes. Should it turn out to be a near-death experience, one typically awakens to realize that his/her life has been uneventful—lacking purpose. For this reason, people create bucket lists, stating everything they wish to do before they die. Yet even upon crossing off everything on the list, people aren’t prepared; it’s inevitable. Oftentimes, this is due to a fear of letting go of and hurting loved ones. Therefore, we leave our loved ones with an undying connection, something that keeps us with them.

Although photographs contain more memories than we can remember, they only encourage us to dwell in the past. Thus, “literature is the best way to overcome death,” as it brings the present into the future, and remains for all eternity. To me, writing is a means of expression, an emotional release, while reading is a means of learning and understanding. As such, literature allows the dying to say all that’s on his/her mind, and provides loved ones with something to cherish.

Naturally, this concept has a major impact on my life. I’ve enjoyed reading and writing for as long as I can remember, but since middle school, literature has carried a greater weight than pure leisure, bringing with it a sentimental value. Through writing poetry, journal entries, and even stories, I’m able to share my thoughts—both the positive and the negative—with the world. Literature assures that my name is forever engraved upon this earth.

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