The Power of Words Essay Sample

9 September 2017

How work forces foremost learnt to contrive words. is unknown ; in other words. the beginning of linguistic communication is a enigma. All we truly know is that work forces. unlike animate beings. someway invented certain sounds to show ideas and feelings. actions and things.

So that they could pass on them to each other ; and that. subsequently. they agreed upon certain marks. called letters. which could be com­bined to stand for those sounds. and which could be written down. These sounds. whether spoken. or written in letters. we call words.

A word. so. is merely a sound. or the written mark of a sound. which work forces of any peculiar state have agreed shall intend a certain thing. action. feeling or idea. How can such mere marks have any power?

Well. of class. it is non the mark itself that has power. but the thing it stands for. A foreign word which has no significance for us. can hold no power over us ; but the significance of many words of our linguistic communication have the power to bestir in us the passions of fright. love. hatred. choler. desire. shame. joy and sorrow.

For illustration. the word “Fire! ” shouted in a crowded theater. will set the whole audience into a terror ; the word “home” will convey cryings to the eyes of an expatriate ; the word “freedom” will bestir a subjected people to revolution ; the word “death” will chill the bravest bosom.

To name a adult male a “coward” will do him crimson for shame. or bestir him to a blazing of incensed choler ; to state him a loved one is “dead” . will make full him with sorrow ; to state a hapless adult male he is “rich” . will make full him with joy. And there are words for which work forces have died. such as “fatherland” . “king” . and “faith” .

The power of words. so. prevarications in their associations the things they bring up before our heads. Wordss become filled with significance for us by experience ; and the longer we live. the more certain words recall to us the sword lily and sad events of our yesteryear ; and the more we read and learn. the more the figure of words that mean something to us additions.

Great authors are those who non merely have great ideas but who express these ideas in words which appeal strongly to our heads and emotions.

This charming and stating usage of words is what we call literary manner. Above all. the existent poet is a maestro of words. He can convey his significance in words which sing like music. and which by their place and association can travel work forces to cryings.

Wordss are alive. As clip passes they are born. turn to full adulthood. and dice. And they change morally. Some that began as common words become great and baronial in intending. like “reli­gion” . that originally meant a “bond” .

And some guiltless words become debauched ; for illustration. a “villain” originally meant merely a husbandman. and “knave” meant merely a boy-servant. “Damn” meant at first merely to reprobate.

And words. like coins. acquire worn and rubbed with usage. boulder clay they lose their true significance and go weak and uneffective ; for illustration. “nice” meant originally delicacy. delicate. all right. while now it means about anything. We should hence take our words carefully and utilize them accurately. or they will do our address silly and vulgar.

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