The Presence Of The Nurse Essay Sample

9 September 2017

The presence of a nurse is a alone experience because it allows interaction and influence on a patient’s life. Nurses are by and large designated to augment a patient’s status during his stay in a health care installation. This presence is sometimes viewed as a compulsory undertaking for nurses. However. the direct curative consequence of the presence of a nurse on a patient has non been examined adequately. Society has created a nurse stereotype which typically portrays these persons are mere helpers of a doctor and bathing associates of patients.

The shared minute of a nurse and a patient who is unbearably enduring by himself provides counsel for proper class of action. frequently ensuing in greater patient satisfaction and mending potencies. During a nurse-patient interaction. nurses set up their presence by utilizing a human attention dealing “mind-body-soul with another’s mind-body-soul in a lived moment” ( Watson. 1985 ) . This paper aims to concentrate on the construct of nursing presence and the curative benefits that result from such interaction.

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This will be elaborated by utilizing a instance scenario with one of my patients during my clinical arrangement in the infirmary.

On one Friday forenoon. I went into my patient’s room. The silence entered my psyche like a tapered transition. I looked at my patient and around the room while he made deep breathes. It was my 2nd displacement caring for Mr. N and it was apparent that his wellness position had deteriorated over 16. 5 hours. He was diagnosed with hypoxemia and had a history of depression. I softly approached him looking at his pale face. Mr. N opened his eyes looking directly into my eyes. I greeted him and told him. “I am back. ”

A silence reigned for twosome of seconds. His eyes were filled up with cryings and he did non state a word. I asked him if he had slept good but I was non acquiring any reply. and alternatively he started to shout like a babe. I placed my manus on his shoulder and started chucking him. I asked Mr. N to state me what was trouble oneselfing him and if there was anything I could make to assist him. Mr. N’s reply was really short and simple. “I don’t know. ” With his permission I performed a caput to toe appraisal and his status seemed stable aside from his changed temper.

Harmonizing to my cognition I suspected that there was something incorrect that brought him to that phase. I engaged in chew the fating with him while I sat at the border of his bed. to seek to assist my patient show his emotions. He so started to speak about a “war that happened in 1939” and had a slurred address which was hard to understand. except for the phrase “a bloody war. ” I reported his status to his nurse and to my clinical teacher. A counsellor was telephoned to see my patient and in the average clip I continued supplying attention to the patient. I bathed and shaved him trusting that it will assist him experience better. but the expected result of alleviation or relaxation was non achieved. It was evident that he would shout merely during my presence.

Occasionally. I had to go forth the room and upon my return he would result shouting. It was reasonably apparent that he wanted my full attending and my function was to look beyond the surface and to calculate out what was trouble oneselfing him. Throughout the conversation with him I found out that it was his birthday that twenty-four hours. He was disquieted and stated. “None of my household visited me on my birthday. I feel so lonely. no 1 misses me. ” I reassured him that I and the other nurses were at that place for him and that I was traveling to make my best to reach his household.

I approached the nurse-in-charge and informed her of my patient’s status and requested to take some intercession to assist quiet his temper. The nurse leader asked me. “What do you suggest we should make about your patient? ” I suggested that an agreement be set with the nursing place of the patient’s married woman to convey his married woman to the infirmary. every bit good as to reach his household. I besides suggested that reding be provided to the patient every bit shortly as possible because he had already spent the last four hours shouting. The nurse-in-charge took my advice and we made the agreement with nursing place. contacted his household and called the counsellor.

Within a twosome of hours. his married woman arrived along with his girl and son-in-law. who was a professor at the university. Counseling was provided to him and my patient’s temper significantly improved. When I entered the room to run into with the household. his girl thanked me so many times for caring for her male parent and stated. “My male parent is really happy for the attention you provided for him and said that you are a good nurse. the best nurse. ” During the conversation with his household. I could see a large difference in the patient’s status and I was really happy to see him smiling once more.

In the average clip. I was approached by the counsellor and nurse leader who said. “You did a great occupation in recommending for your patient and for describing his mental position. which issue was non assessed upon admittance. We booked an assignment for him to see a head-shrinker. ” The nurse besides said. “It’s really good that you were able to calculate out what was trouble oneselfing him. If it were us nurses. we would merely describe this as an emotional perturbation and non be able to govern out the causes. because we are excessively busy to pass equal clip with patients. ”

In the average clip. I dressed up my patient and transferred him to a wheelchair so he could travel out with his household. My presence was more than welcomed throughout the displacement and the nursing attention I provided to Mr. N was to the full recognized and appreciated by him and his household.

Presence has been defined as “a relational manner within nursing interactions that involves being with. every bit good as making with” ( McKivergin. 1994 ) . Nursing presence is a cardinal constituent that enables patients to go around the agony experience into a perceptual experience for possible betterment schemes designed for their wellbeing. With their compassionated support. nurses help persons to derive a broader cognition on the nature of their disease and aid in finding possible options that can take them to the extreme degree of wellness and healing. The nucleus of nursing presence necessitates constitution of nurse-patient relationship for common apprehension of fortunes and end straightness of the state of affairs for possible accomplishments of the coveted results.

Properties of presence include “the ability to care. self-awareness. committedness to assisting. cognition and expertness. accomplishments of listening and touching” and the focal point on confronted fortunes ( McKivergin. 1994 ) . The focussed shared minutes with the patient and household help the nurse to place the cardinal turning point necessary for patient’s healing procedure. Parse ( 1992 ) emphasized that curative presence is the “primary manner of pattern in nursing” as cited by McKivergin ( 1994 ) . The importance of the nurse being available to understand and be with another. physically present and utilizing self as a curative agent in every brush gives the “opportunity to mend and be healed. ”

Presence can be categorized into three degrees: physical presence. psychological presence and curative presence. The combination of physical and psychological presence leads to curative presence. associating ego to the patient as a whole being to a whole being. utilizing all of her or his resources of organic structure. head. emotions. and spirit ( McKivergin. 1994 ) . The scenario I described supra could be defined as curative presence. wherein important patient’s results were accomplished throughout the scope of my class of actions. The cardinal demands of my patient were discovered by being to the full present and consciously associating my whole being to his whole being.

The usage of curative theoretical account enabled me to utilize aesthetic ways of detecting the obstructors in the concealed tracts forestalling the healing procedure. Harmonizing to Covington ( 2003 ) . “being with another. pityingly and authentically” provides headroom for the nurse to to the full understand the fortunes and make a chance of healing.
My function as a curative agent was carried out successfully by acquiring profoundly involved with the state of affairs utilizing my interior energy of caring. being unfastened and listening with solid consciousness. and “developing and prolonging a helping-trusting. reliable lovingness relationship” ( Ryan. 2005 ) .

Indefatigably. I remained active throughout my presence helping my patient to uncover the hidden cause of his emotional hurt. Using different schemes. such as speaking to him. promoting to him speak by reassuring that I was at that place to listen and assist. shaving him. giving him a bed bath to do him experience better. demoing that I cared. offering drinks. watching Television together. and keeping his manus when he was shouting. I felt his hurting and I could non allow him endure.

By merely being physically present I could non accomplish any important result for my patient. therefore by utilizing a curative attack. I figured out the cause of his hurt and advocated for the best involvement of my patient. Hence. the curative presence is the nucleus of nursing pattern in any given state of affairs. which enables nurses to transport out their function successfully and provides the chance for publicity of wellness and mending position of the patient.

A nurse’s curative attack should be present and efficaciously carried out in any given state of affairs. A enduring single deserve nurses’ aid to stabilise his status of hurt. As nurses. our function is to care and recommend for the best possible results for our patient. hence by merely merely documenting on patient’s chart as “emotionally disturbed” will non decide the job. Our presence is a “method of run intoing a patient’s demands and easing mending during a clip of enduring ( Covington. 2003 ) .

Common coaction and seeking beyond the surface affecting religious and holistic attack will non merely assist to construct a nurse-patient relationship but it helps the nurse to research the cardinal demands of the patient and the chance to assist the patient through her/his protagonism.

When caring for people. nurses must follow the guidelines established by the college of nurses. The mission of the college of nurses is to protect the public’s right to quality of nursing pattern and to guarantee that nurses’ function is being carried out expeditiously in all occasions. Harmonizing to the guidelines. the nucleus of nursing is the curative nurse-patient relationship. which should be established and maintained as a cardinal construct by utilizing cognition and accomplishments. and application of professional attitude and behaviour when caring for patients.

The relationship is based on trust. regard. empathy and professional familiarity. and requires appropriate usage of the power inherent in the attention provider’s function. The guidelines emphasize that nurses must work systematically with the clients to guarantee that all professional behaviour and actions meet the curative demands of the client.

The guidelines highlight that every nurse is accountable for his determination and action and for keeping competences in every twenty-four hours of pattern. This strong foundation requires that all nurses provide a curative nurse-patient relationship and supply attention to patients under the range of pattern harmonizing to their demands. which will in bend. lead to important results. My presence in the scenario described above has to the full met the criterions of pattern. by utilizing curative attack and being competent in caring for my patient.

The presence of nurse enables the clients to accomplish better results in the procedure of a disease towards wellness publicity and healing. Nurses use different types of presence. but the requirements of the nursing profession are to construct a curative nurse-patient relationship and common apprehension under any circumstance. The nurse is expected to “relate to the patient whole being to whole being. utilizing all of his or her resources of head. organic structure. emotions. and spirit” ( McKivergin. 1994 ) . Each interaction provides the chance for both the nurse and patient to be in gesture. heading toward the integrity.

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