The Presidents Of The United States

I have listened to a lot of music and when I bought “The Presidents of The United States” CD I was relieved. Most music these days has a great deal of moaning and groaning. The Presidents actually sing and you can understand them! This CD combines a lot of different kinds of music. Though the band is mostly thought of as alternative, it has songs that are other types of music too. Besides their two major hits, “Peaches” and “Lump,” they have a lot of other good songs. “Kitty” and “Boll Weevil” are songs geared more toward rock and roll. On the other hand, “Stranger” and “Body” are songs that are easy listening. “Lump” and “We Are Not Going to Make It” both combine a beat of rock and roll with alternative vocals. The Presidents of United States of America’s “Lump” has been a fantastic hit. This song has catchy lyrics and when they sing “lump” over and over again it sticks in your head. Once you have “lump” in your head, you can think of the rest of the lyrics. As a matter of fact, Weird Al Yankovic did a parody of “Lump” called “Gump” which has also been a spectacular hit, and made “Lump” even more popular. One song that isn’t quite a hit yet is “We Are Not Going to Make It.” This has a very strong beat and I especially like it because the band talks about how they thought there were other bands with “drummers that can drum, and singers sing.” This song basically tells about the Presidents when they were on the road to the big league. This song, like “Lump,” has catchy lyrics. Enough reading this review, now go out and buy “The Presidents of The United States of America.” .

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