The Pretender Essay Research Paper

9 September 2017

The Pretender Essay, Research Paper

The Pretender Essay Research Paper Essay Example

& # 8220 ; The Pretender & # 8221 ; by Jackson Browne tells a narrative of a adult male who has dreams of money and love. Pretenders dream of the & # 8220 ; American Dream, & # 8221 ; money, and love, but do non possess these things. The Pretender in the vocal, typifies the middle-aged American. All want money and love, but few have them. & # 8220 ; The Pretender & # 8221 ; reveals a message of a adult male who had strong dreams, merely to hold them fade into the rough world of life.

First, the Pretender dreams of possessing legal stamp and populating the American life. He dreams of life in a good house, and populating a stable life. The citation, & # 8220 ; I & # 8217 ; m traveling to lease myself a house in the shadiness of the expressway I & # 8217 ; m traveling to pack my tiffin in the forenoon and travel to work each twenty-four hours And when flushing axial rotations around I & # 8217 ; ll travel on place and put my organic structure down, & # 8221 ; provinces that the adult male has a desire for a normal life. He wants a steady occupation, and a comfy house. The Pretender besides yearns for money, as stated & # 8220 ; I & # 8217 ; m traveling to be a happy imbecile And battle for legal stamp Where the ads take purpose and lay their claim To the bosom and psyche of the Spender And believe in whatever may lie In those things that money can purchase Thought true love could hold been a rival, & # 8221 ; and he even thought money could by love. But in the terminal, the Pre

stamp found out that money can’t buy love.

Second, the Pretender dreams of love, merely to see his dreams fade. The citation, & # 8220 ; Ah the laughter of lovers As they run through the dark Leaving nil

for the others But to take off and battle And tear at the universe with all their might While the ships bearing their dreams sail out of sight, & # 8221 ; possibly describes the Pretender & # 8217 ; s dreams. He dreams of love, and to hold nil disturb it, merely to hold

his dream & # 8220 ; sail out of sight. & # 8221 ;

Third, the Pretender, with all of his dreams, realizes the rough world of his life. The citation, & # 8220 ; Out into the cool of the eventide Strolls the Pretender He knows that all his hopes and dreams terminal at that place, & # 8221 ; depict how he realizes how, though he has hopes and dreams, he will non likely attain them. Besides, he realizes the humdrum of his life, caused by a deficiency of love, as stated in the citation, & # 8220 ; And when the forenoon visible radiation comes in I & # 8217 ; ll acquire up and make it once more Amen Say it once more Amen. & # 8221 ;

Clearly, the Pretender dreams of large things such as money, ownerships, and love. Along the manner, nevertheless, he loses his dreams and recognize how they merely go so far. So, & # 8220 ; Say a supplication for the Pretender Who started out so immature and strong Merely to surrender. & # 8221 ; Amen.

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