The Prince and the Political System

4 April 2015
This paper examines how Machiavelli viewed the political system, discussing what constitutes a successful leader, how to govern a nation and maintain strength and political power, no matter by what means, no matter what the cost.

This paper discusses Niccolo Machiavelli’s famous work on how to governing, The Prince. The author examines Machiavelli’s beliefs regarding one’s rise to power, and how to maintain such control. His theory, still practiced in modern times, states that a strong leader will do whatever he can to maintain power, use as much force and deception necessary, but only if for the absolute good of the people, not for his own personal benefit.
Throughout The Prince, Machiavelli refers to virt?, or the characteristic that is needed in any great leader. He also says that Agathocles doesn’t have this quality for the way in which he takes the power in Syracuse. Because of this, it is important to define virt? so that we can better determine if Agathocles act displays virt?. Literally, virt? is Greek for manly excellence, but that is too vague and virtue as we know it today doesn’t quite grasp the meaning used here either. Machiavelli seems to encompass a lot of personality traits into his definition of virtu.
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