The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli Essay Sample

9 September 2017

The Prince. written by Niccolo Machiavelli. is considered to be one of the greatest philosophical plant of the Renaissance period. and of history in general. Completed when Machiavelli was in expatriate from Florence. it was meant to function as both a manner back into the political universe of Florence and as a usher for Lorenzo de’ Medici on how to be a strong swayer.

Machiavelli began discoursing princedoms in the first two chapters. He did non pass much clip on the latter. but took clip to explicate the former. He stated that princedoms were either familial or new. Furthermore. familial princedoms are much easier to keep on to than new 1s are. for the people of familial princedoms are used to the governing household. The same can non be said of a new princedom. in which both the people and the swayer must set to each other.

In the 3rd chapter.

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Machiavelli discussed assorted princedoms. which are defined as being both the old ownerships of a prince. every bit good as his new districts. He continued by saying that many are frequently hard to govern. and hence be given to see a great trade of political convulsion. non merely from the freshly conquered but besides from the original followings of the new swayer. To stress this peculiar point. Machiavelli turned to the regulation of King Louis XII of France. who conquered the city state of Milan. but could non derive the support of its citizens. The technique of utilizing a historical figure as a tool to stress his points is seen throughout the text.

Machiavelli began his illustration of King Louis XII by saying that he came into Italy by manner of the Venetians. who wanted to utilize him to derive control of half of Lombardy. Because he had no other options. he was forced to come in Italy in this mode. As a consequence. he was able to derive control non merely of Lombardy. but besides over about two-thirds of Italy.

However. one time he was in power. he made five fatal defects: “he destroyed the minor powers. he increased the strength of one of the greater powers in Italy. he brought in a foreign power. he did non settle in the state. he did non direct colonies” ( Machiavelli ) . These errors were direct contradictions of what Machaivelli wrote should be done when a swayer additions control of a new district.

The personal pursuit for power that King Louis XII embarked on resulted in his losing all the district and power he had gained in Italy. However. that loss of power could hold been avoided had he non attempted to strip the Venetians of their ain territorial ownerships. Making this turned the city state of Venice against him. and sealed his destiny of losing power. Machiavelli concluded his treatment on King Louis XII and his doomed conquering of Lombardy by doing the undermentioned comment:

“From this a general regulation is drawn which ne’er or seldom fails: that he who is the cause of another going powerful is ruined ; because that predominancy has been brought about either by shrewdness or else by force. and both are distrusted by him who has been raised to power. ”

Supplying this illustration within the text was meant by Machiavelli to foreground what can travel incorrect when a swayer loses sight of the overall image. King Louis XII was invited by the Venetians to derive control over Lombardy because they disliked their current swayers. Yet. one time in power. he alienated the really people he was supposed to be helping. The point. so. is that one should take attention in covering with new districts. every bit good as in covering with old friends. Neither should see disaffection. for it can take to a great loss of power.

Ultimately. Machiavelli succeeded in his end of recovering a place within Florentine political relations. His book served as a guideline non merely to the politicians of his twenty-four hours. but besides to those of the hereafter. Even today.The Princeis still viewed as one of the most of import political treatises written throughout history.

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