The Prince ( Machiavelli )

4 April 2015
Defines & assesses the author’s concept of the New Prince & his options for autocratic leadership.

This essay will discuss what Niccolo Machiavelli meant by his term New Prince. It will consider how this new prince differs from previous or contemporary rulers. It will also consider the kind of politics that Machiavelli prescribes in discussing the conditions necessary for the emergence of a new principality.

The Prince ( Machiavelli ) Essay Example

Machiavelli introduces the concept of the new prince in Chapters V through IX of The Prince (pp. 19-39). By a new prince he means a man who has become an autocratic ruler, or monarch, of a state that had previously had some other, unrelated ruler or some other form of government. In these chapters, he discusses the various paths by which a man could become a new prince: one’s own abilities, that is, military conquest; fortune, that is, appointment by a new conqueror; treachery, that is, by a coup d?etat..’

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