The Problems and Solutions of Overcrowding

2 February 2017

Unemployment issue can cause potential dangers, for example, psychological problem of individual, to the society. Particularly crimes are often caused by long-term unemployment or underemployment. Since everyone living in cities needs services such as banking, rental, health care, training, food and drink, so government can proactively create the potential job market to help individual find a job which can feed him at least. Virtually Service industrial is a very huge market and in developed countries usually covers more than two-thirds of its GDP.Developing countries could learn the experience from developed countries. Furthermore, developed countries also can absorb part of labor force in developing ones.

“Traditionally, rich MDCs could experience skilled labor shortages and welcome capital and talent coming from ‘emerging rich’ LDCs” (Brunn et al, 1983, p508). Thirdly, governments should invest more money into the public transport to relieve the current traffic jams, and encourage people to take bus by decreasing the ticket price. Subway is another more efficient for commuting and city authority should invest more to add the network of subway.Then people driving private cars will reduce car usage and choose subways to save time. Besides, there are many solutions to solve all sorts of overcrowding problems. Each overcrowded city has its own history and reasons, so it may need different ideas and ways to resolve them. For example, as for environment, according to Cellwall (2011), Plantagon showed an example of its urban industrial park, exactly like ‘vertical ’farm, which produces crops backed by smart systems.

The Problems and Solutions of Overcrowding Essay Example

This is a positive example for overcrowded city to reduce the green-house emission.Until now, people always blame the overcrowded cities, referring all problems to the cities themselves, and it seems there would be no any advantage to cities. However, “blaming cities misses the point that they can be potential solutions as places where high living standards are achieved with much lower levels of greenhouse gas emissions per person. ” (Satterthwaite, 2010). Actually modern cities have good financing and talent resources to solve problems mentioned above to reduce the influences caused by overcrowding. As scientific technologies are introduced, city ecosystem may go back to normal.To conclude, overcrowding is a critical issue for the world which causes many serious problems such as housing, transport, jobs and air quality, etc.

Governments must take relevant actions and measures to tackle these issues by making a dramatic investment shift. Furthermore, people must be responsible for this critical situation and try to do more in daily life to relieve the overcrowding and then can live in comfortable cities in the future. Reference list Brunn, S. D. , Williams, J. F. , & Bonine, M.

E. (1983). Cities of the world: World regional urban development. New York: Harper & Row. Cerwall, P.

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