The problems of unemployment

5 May 2016

“A man willing to work, and unable to find work, is perhaps the saddest sight that fortune’s inequality exhibits under this sun.” — THOMAS CARLYLE Unemployment is the mother of countless ills. It is such a poison that pollutes the society, endangers the democratic fabric of the country.

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We can’t expect nobility, honesty and truth from a person who is unable to manage two square meals a day for his family. “Rightly”, said by Franklin, “A ploughman on his feet is better than a gentleman on his knees “. Estimates of the total number of Indians unemployed or underemployed vary between 70 and 100 million.

This figure can cause concern to any nation, but to a developing country like ours, it is the cause of great distress. It is a well known fact that ours is a thickly populated country. The population is increasing by leaps and bounds. But jobs and gainful avenues cannot be created in the same proportion.

So, naturally, a large section of the people is left unemployed. Moreover, our education system is also responsible for this problem. The problem of educated unemployment is peculiar to India. India is only country in the world where even highly educated persons fail to get employment. Every year thousands and thousands of graduates pass out of schools and colleges. They are unfit for any work, except office work. All of them cannot be absorbed in services.

This increases unemployment. The problem of unemployment is mainly an economic one. It is essential, therefore, that the economic policy of the country be overhauled. In our country, labour is available in abundance. We should provide avenues for employment for them through cottage and small-scale industries. Besides this, stress must be laid on family planning. Every effort must be made to check the rapid rise in population. This will help a great deal in the solution of this problem. More stress should be laid on technical and vocational education.

The present bookish education which produces clerks alone should be restricted. When people get technical and vocational education, they will not hanker after services on completing their education, they will come out well prepared to stand on their own legs. The problem will be half-solved, if this suggestion is implemented.

Our country cannot advance economically, politically, or socially, unless this problem is solved. Many a social evil is spread through the unemployed. Frustration, drug-addiction, even suicides are the evil results of unemployment. Unrest and disorder increase in society. It is, therefore, the duty of the Government to make every possible effort to solve this problem.

However, we may stress again that the problem cannot be solved till the population explosion is not checked. The two are closely inter-linked, and the people must be made to realize this through and adequate process of social education.

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