The Professional Truck Driver Essay Research Paper

8 August 2017

The Professional Truck Driver Essay, Research Paper

The Professional Truck Driver

Throughout the old ages, the professional truck driver have been given an undeserved corrupt repute. When a driver of semi is involved in an accident affecting a rider vehicle, people automatically assume that the driver of the truck is at mistake. However, many times this is non needfully the instance.

The Department of Transportation investigated 1000 fatal hits affecting a big truck and at least one rider vehicle. Of these hits, merely 24 per centum of the truck drivers were at mistake. The study besides states that most of these clangs are due to the drivers ignorance of the limited capablenesss of these big trucks.

All truck drivers on the route today go through a vigorous preparation class before they are of all time allowed to acquire their licence. They have to take pre-employment drug and intoxicant trial and are besides subjected to random proving. The authorities besides has federal Torahs that control the sum of driving clip that they are allowed during the twenty-four hours and hebdomad. Drive

Rs are required to take frequent interruptions and make full out a logbook documenting them.

As the married woman of a professional truck driver, I have frequently witnessed the stupidity of other automobilist. Many of them due non have any thought what is really involved in driving a semi. A truck driver does non hold the ability to halt and steer every bit easy as the driver of a four-wheeler. There are besides unsighted musca volitanss that each automobilist must see when meeting a tractor-trailer.

The accredited automobilist has merely the regulations of the route to obey. Their penalty for disobeying them is little compared to that of the professional driver. They are issued their licence after they complete a trial and thrust around the block. Are the Torahs to lenient? Do we need to hold a more extended preparation plan for the mean automobilist? If everyone had to stay by the same regulations and ordinances there would be fewer careless automobilists on the route. It is through their sloppiness that the truck driver has acquired this unfair repute. Teamsters are Professional Drivers and should be treated with the regard that they deserve.

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