The Profligate American

4 April 2015
This paper shows how wasteful modern American society has become, based upon how much money people spend on cars.

This paper shows how important the vehicle you drive has become in America today, and how people put so much time, effort and unnecessary money into their cars. The author provides many examples of the expenditures of Americans and how it has gotten out of hand.
From the paper:

“The BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, Lexus, flashy rims, dark tinted windows, big stereo system, all represent what we want to be driving: a cool car. By living in a society that promotes the need to always have more and the best of everything, the mode of transportation we use in America plays a crucial role in most of our lives. What a person drives shows everyone around them their taste, how much money they have, and their status in society. Money is so important to us that we begin to believe that we must show people how much we have of it.”

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