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2 February 2017

The other six chapters of the book of Daniel include accounts of dreams, visions, or interpretations. Daniel means “God is my judge. ” Daniel was thought to have been a noble or of royal lineage or upper class and born in or around Jerusalem about 622 BC during the reign of Josiah (http://www. keyway. ca/htm2002/20020611.

htm). He belonged to the tribe of Juda and was taken from Jerusalem at the age of fourteen by the chief eunuch of King ______. Babylonian King in 605 BC because of his faith to his God becomes a hero.The same young man giving advice to the same King and sparing the lives of his friends. Daniel was given the Babylonian name of Belteshazzar. His companions were also given new names. Hananiah he called Shadrach, Mishael he called Meshach, and Azariah he called Abednego.

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Daniel’s story takes place between 605 and 540 B. C. As a teenager, Daniel was captured in Jerusalem and taken to Babylon. The prophet Daniel is probably most familiar from his bible story of his encounters in the lion’s den.However, his prophecy is one of faithfulness, courage, and prayer. Daniels faithfulness was exhibited several times throughout his life. He displayed courage in numerous ways.

Daniels prayers to God were signified in many situations. Daniel’s first great test came when he was required not only to interpret the meaning of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, but to do so without the king even telling him what the dream was (Daniel 2:1-23) Imagine being taken from captive early in your teenage life along with three of your friends to serve a King.Daniel’s faith was challenged early in the life by King Nebuchadnezzar He was a slave in the court of King Nebuchadnezzar. At the time of his capture, Daniel committed to God he would remain faithful to God by not eating the rich food eaten by the Through Daniel we learn the power of prayer but we learn also the faithfulness of God. During the reign of King Darius, Daniel, along two other men, had been made a Minister or President of the new kingdom of Medes.The other Ministers and the satraps (governors) were jealous of Daniel and conspired against him. There was an injunction filed to prevent anyone from praying to anyone but King Darius.

Daniel is described as living in Babylon for the entire duration of the Babylonian empire, a period of 72 years. He arrived during the last year in the reign of Nabopolassar, stayed through the entire 45 year reign of Nebuchadnezzar, assisted 5 succeeding kings, survived through the occupation by the Medes and into the occupation of the Persians.

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