The Pros and Cons of Globalization

5 May 2017

The Pros and Cons of Globalization BY joy-w98 In this generation, people around the world are more connected to each other compare to before. We try to break down the isolation wall between countries and make effort to build bridges where the products, ideas, and belief can cross the borders. Information flows on the Internet shared by people in different countries. Using the Division of Labor produce the different parts of the good in different country to reduce the cost. At the same time, goods are available in all parts of the world. International travel and studying abroad become more frequent and easier.

Globalization is also the puppeteer of countries’ economic. Before making any conclusion, let’s talk about the pros and cons of globalization. The Advantage of Globalization Global free trade promotes global economic growth, creates Jobs, and lets consumers have a better access to products and lower prices. For example, bananas the fruit only grow in humid, tropical regions of the world, thus people live in the northeast America would not be able to taste bananas if global free trade is not exist. Bananas thrive in Honduras so transporting bananas to other country can help Honduras’ economic.

The Pros and Cons of Globalization Essay Example

It can also create a lot of Jobs. Bananas also thrive in the central and South American rainforests, Africa, and Southeast Asia. Therefore, they have to compete with each other over the amount of consumers that they are getting. Consumers can choose among the products made by different nations. People have more opportunities to travel to other countries. Now, during vacation people sometimes travel to other country to spend their time which help them to learn other cultures and also help the economic of the country that they are visiting. Traveling provides Jobs for people for example, it supports14. illion Jobs for Americans. People can have a better understanding about other countries and it can also help people to become more open and tolerant towards people who are from different backgrounds and encourage good international relations and discourage wars. Globalization helps nations to share information and technology. The developed countries can sell their advanced technologies to the developing countries to assist them to make more progresses. At the same time, the developing countries can help developed countries’ economics by buying the information and technology from them.

The Disadvantage of Globalization Globalization helps particular countries’ industry. Because of that, some other countries’ unemployment has raised. For example in Asian countries where labor is cheaper, a lot of American and European companies send their manufacture Jobs oversea. Therefore many people are under pressure of being unemployed in their home countries. Another damage of globalization is that we are losing some cultures. Because the cultures of the countries that have more economic power are more dominant than others, many small cultures are in the risk of being extinct.

Countries have wealthy economics produce many things that can affect other cultures, for example, clothes, do not want it to happen. Because of each unique culture, we can have a different taste of the world. After the fast food is disseminated to China, many children begin to eat a lot of them instead of tradition Chinese meals which also increases the number of obesity in China. Globalization also makes the competition between enterprises more difficult. Companies now are not only competing with national competitors but also international competitors.

Therefore, the requirement for the business becomes more strict and challenging. Many small local businesses have no choice other then go bankrupt. In my opinion, globalization is as same as a coin that has two sides; it has both advantages and disadvantages. When we are doing something if we cannot avoid making mistake, we should still try it at least we put effort into it and we can improve it next time. For globalization, we should continue it and learn from the disadvantages that are brought by it and try to let every country and each person gets benefits from it.

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