The Prototype of Friends’ Coffee

1 January 2019

The idea for this business project is a coffee shop named Friends’ Coffee. The concept of this place is unique and includes monthly activities, games, various benefits and discounts for the clients along with the cozy, friendly atmosphere and tasty cuisine. The latter one is supposed to include the cuisines from different countries.

The coffee point is designed to be a club for finding potential friends, where the visitors can eat, play, communicate, and share their interests.The target users of the coffee shop are students, which is a wide international group represented by different races and ethnicities. These young individuals do not often socialize due to the lack of language skills and also due to various entertaining modern technologies that allow them staying at home. The creation of the coffee club that will represent various cuisines (common for students from diverse cultures) and interesting, fun activities gives the better alternative for those who would like to meet different people in a friendly atmosphere. Furthermore, the model of the coffee shop has been chosen not accidentally as the habit of drinking coffee is already a part of the modern culture. Coffee lovers are everywhere, and love for this drink can be the point at which different young people can be united. In this way, the coffee club is aimed to become the daily necessity for the local students.

The Prototype of Friends’ Coffee Essay Example

At the same time, along with drinking the desired cup, customers can order and try some new cuisine, or they can eat some dishes that are usual for their culture. Notably, the main thing that will be the basis of this coffee club is making friends and having fun. Young individuals can find a lot in common and communicate easier, without restrains when they have fun. Students can play games such as alias, mafia, uno, scrabble, monopoly and many others. Intellectual and party quizzes should also be held in the club. The themes for the quizzes may include English language, literature, modern movies, tv series, etc. Besides that, the coffee shop should offer various books, which should be represented in different languages.

The common tastes, modern culture, cozy place, good food, and freshly brewed coffee can be the point where the students of various backgrounds can meet, socialize, find new friends, and share their cultures.The feedback from the potential user is going to be achieved through the prototype (Image 1), and the main goal of the prototyped coffee shop is the increase of connection and communication among young adults, giving them the place where they can socialize and also develop instead of staying alone at home and making friends only with individuals from their culture. Thus, the value proposition is getting new friends, being a part of the group of people who attend this coffee club on a regular basis and providing a sense of belonging.The prototype should not be a fancy place. It should be a cozy and warm cafe. It should remind the visitor the place which everyone is familiar with from the tv series Friends. The colors of the cafe should be bright, warm, and diverse to reflect the variety of cultures the coffee club is going to invite.

The interior and style should not possess the signs of a certain culture; instead, it should be a mixture of the cultures. It is supposed to have some signs in various languages that can be written on the specific boards, tables. Moreover, the pictures on the walls might have images that are connected with the features of various cultures (for example, the ones from art, movies, literature, science and other spheres). All these factors should be considered and applied in order to make the guests feeling comfortable and relaxed at the place. It should also include some funny attributes like notes, smiles.The insights that were achieved through prototyping can include the visualization of the characteristics of the coffee club, understanding what colors and materials are to be applied, games to be represented, activities to be held. Considering all these facts can help to imagine and provide the model of the place.

Showing the prototype to the potential user is also an important part of the prototyping as it helps to achieve the reasonable and timely feedback on which parts to be improved. The testing of the prototype can give the understanding of whether the intended idea is transmitted to the user. Also, testing can show if the potential customer would like to come and stay at the place, and if not, what else is needed to attract him or her.

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