The Pueblo Incident and the Tet Offensive

4 April 2015
A look into how the Pueblo incident impacted the TET offensive.

This paper describes how Lyndon Johnson sent the U.S.S. Pueblo to be captured in order to open communications with the Chinese. This was necessary to prevent Chinese intervention against the American counter-attack after the Tet Offensive in Vietnam.
From the paper:

“In late 1967, US forces were surging in Vietnam. As part of a series of victories the Americans captured large caches of weapons at villages like Con Thien, Loc Ninh, and Dak To. Combined with other intelligence measures, the US determined the North Vietnamese were preparing for a major offensive, which would eventually materialize as the Tet Offensive in the beginning of 1968. Lyndon Johnson, politically desperate for a major victory in Vietnam, began plans to counter-attack after Tet, including an invasion into North Vietnam.”

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