The Punishment of Child Abusers

4 April 2015
A discussion of child abuse and the treatment of abusers in America.

This papers addresses issues related to the punishment of child abusers, the first step of which is identifying the abusive parent. Factors that prevent this are outlined. The effects of violent and sexual abuse are discussed. Legal issues are raised.
“A little boy is sitting on a park bench. He is covered with bruises. His mouth is swollen and his eyes are purplish-black. His arm is wrapped in a white cast. His eyes tell a message that many adults do not seem to hear to hear, “Help me! I cannot help myself. Can you please help me?”

“A little girl is sitting on her bed with her arms wrapped around her bear. She is crying because she knows what is coming next. Soon her father will be in to have her take care of his needs-the sexual needs he feels he has.

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