The Purposes Of Luis Valdez S Essay

8 August 2017

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The Purposes of Luis Valdez s Plaies

There are several intents to the actos ; one-act dramas written by Luis Valdez such as the drama Los Vendidos. The chief intent of Luis Valdez s dramas is to educate husbandmans and the general populace. Valdez s dramas were a agencies to acquire migrators to form into a feasible farm workers & # 8217 ; brotherhood. Luis Valdez s dramas besides challenged the stereotypes of Latino Americans and to give an honest portraiture of Latino civilization and other political and cultural issues.

The dramas were used to educate and inform non merely the farm workers, but the populace every bit good. Bing born a boy to a household of migratory workers and working as a migratory farm worker for many old ages, Valdez used his dramas to inform the general populace and farm workers around the state. The intervention and conditions that the migratory workers have to digest the he and other migratory workers saw things were merely a few things that Valdez, and the other acting in the dramas, informed them. Valdez wanted the general populace to cognize that the migratory workers were fundamentally being bought and sold like slaves and treated merely the same.

Valdez joined Cesar Chavez & # 8217 ; s United Farmworkers in 1965. It was with the support of Ch vez & # 8217 ; s motion that Luis Valdez was able to set his theatrical endowments to work to organize El Teatro Campesino. The El Teatro Campesino was a theater company of fellow workers who performed little skits based on their unique and mostly untold experiences as an Americ

an under-class in his attempt to educate and form migrators. At the same clip the dramas helped to educate and form migrators into a feasible farm workers’ brotherhood during the Great Delano Grape Strike of 1965. Valdez and Chzvez s programs were to infrom and learn the migratory workers that they, as U.S. citizens had certain right and that they should contend for their right and to halt leting the farm proprietors from handling them like machines that could be bought and sold.

Most of the content in Luis Valdez s drama challenged the stereotypes of Latino Americans and gave an honorable portraiture of Latino civilization. The dramas besides dealt with political and cultural issues of concern to the motion that were on the people s head at that present clip. Some of the stereotypes that his dramas dealt with were that the migratory workers were seen as machines and non people that merely needed to be maintained and non treated with regard. The dramas besides taught Hispanics to encompass their cultural background and non to populate up to the stereotypes of the ignorant.

Luis Valdez s plays open the eyes of everyone who watch them to the truth of that manner things were, are, and should be. Though you might believe that his plants would hold insulted both Hispanics and Americans, wit was used in cagey ways to maintain piques from fling and to still acquire his point across to his viewing audiences.

Veldez, Luis. Los Vendidos. An Introduction to Literature. Sylvon Barnet Ed. Twelfth Edition, New York: Longman, 2001. 1471-1483

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