The Ramayana and Trade Essay Sample

10 October 2017

Ramayana. described in the ancient Indian Scriptures as “Kaavayaanam uttamam” . intending the best of heroic poems provides several cases of a booming trade.

The Ayodhya kanda which depicts the programs of enthronement of Rama and his subsequent departure for the Vanvaas or expatriate has several mentions to the society of Ayodhya.

The Ramayana and Trade Essay Sample Essay Example

There are mentions to extremely processed goods like incense sticks and sandal wood paste which are finished merchandises and can be safely assumed to be sold and bought for usage in auspicious occasions. Besides in the assorted mentions made to the people of the land before the anointing of Rama clearly mentions the agribusiness based citizens who came from the adjoining small towns where as the mention to the people of the metropolis of Ayodhya is mostly limited to the affluent merchandisers and edifices of rich household individuals.

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When Rama is banished to the woods by his measure mother Queen Kaikeyi. the heartache of the metropolis of Ayodhya is described therefore “No one felt any delectation or gladfulness. merchandisers would non expose their wares. no goods were set out to catch the eye…” ( Pollock 249 )

To add acceptance to the presence of a booming trade is the reference of currency in Rama rajya which consisted of gold coins ( Athavale 34 )

Besides the reference of the Manu Dharma in Ramayana period is itself declarative of the presence of trade because Manu Dharma provides for four categories in society out of which Vaisya is translated as a bargainer or a merchandiser and to this twenty-four hours assorted descendants of this community are seen first as bargainers.

On a lighter note. the reference of vocalists. histrions and terpsichoreans depicts a society which took good attention of its amusement industry.

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