The Ramones At The Orpheum

7 July 2019

Who ever would have thought that three simple chords on a loud, distorted guitar could have affected millions? Apparently, Joey Ramone did, and on November 13, 1992, the Ramones further spread their barbarous chant of “Gabba Gabba Hey!” to a crowd of thousands at the Orpheum. This age-old band didn’t play alone, though, the dynamic group Social Distortion and a new band called Overwhelming Colorfest opened up the show. Overwhelming Colorfest, despite their somewhat flowery name, gave an intense performance with punk rock covers of many famous songs, including the timeless Misfits classic “Hybrid Moments.” Social Distortion, with their fierce combination of ’50s rock ‘n’ roll with ’80s punk, injected pure adrenalin into the audience. However, these two sets were dwarfed by the engulfing force of the Ramones. No pyrotechnics or laser-light shows were implemented in this concert, just pure rock. Their performance consisted almost entirely of the old material which first propelled them to fame. Tunes like “Warthog,” “We’re a Happy Family, ” and “I Wanna Be Sedated,” among others, ignited the audience into an animalistic frenzy of insanity and anarchy. Finally, after two encores, the show came to a reluctant close. n

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