The Ramones

8 August 2019

The great philosopher Karl Marx once said,”Revolutions begin with ideas.” The revolution known as punk ignitedwhen four members of the youth of America – Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee and Tommy -formed a band as result of their boredom with overproduced tenth-generation longprogressive jams. They shared basic ideas concerning music and culture, and in1974 began the movement that inspires teens even today.

Energy andpassion, as associated with youth and vigor, redefined rock and roll while luringa society of wandering adolescence into a home that would accept and understandthem. Themes of The Ramones’ music describe the psychological controversies ateen might experience, including self-mutilation, electroshock therapy,alienation, isolation, power, fury and the overall idea of untamed youth.

The Ramones Essay Example

Many teens today are attracted to the Ramones’ music because it includesthem in a movement of others who share their feelings. Also, the short, exciting,poppy songs they produced were full of energy and life. This is part of what itmeans to be a teenager – ready to belong to something and make your owndecisions. The punk movement gave teens a home, a foundation, they could relyon.

The Ramones invited all to join what they stood for: change, freedom,excitement and diversity. Their official slogan for the “House ofRamones” was “Gabba Gabba, we accept you, we accept you one ofus.” This provided a commercial and artistic force for all who might careand be affected.

The change from adolescence to adulthood is gradual, butinevitable. The Ramones formed the ongoing movement, called punk, which willcontinue to attract teenagers wandering for a harbor of safety and somewhere tobelong.

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