The Rape Of The Lock

7 July 2017

& # 8211 ; Satire Essay, Research Paper

Pope skilfully uses the mock heroic poem genre to satirise the pettiness of his society through hyperbole, lampoon, and apposition in riming pairs.

The heroic signifier inherently makes capable affair larger than life and Pope smartly uses this characteristic to uncover the absurdness of the society he lives in. In his heroic poem, he mocks misplaced importance by puting an event every bit inconsequential as the nip offing off of some hair at the root of his action. In Canto III, Pope turns a simple card game into a complex? combat on [ a ] velvet field? through description that exaggerates the small action that really takes topographic point. In this canonized game of Ombre, custodies are non simply hands ; they are ground forcess, merely as face cards are? four male monarchs in stateliness revered, with grey beards and a forky face fungus? , ? four carnival Queenss whose custodies sustain a flower, the expressive emblem of their softer power? , and? four rogues in attire succinct, a trustworthy set, caps on their caputs, and halberts in their hand.

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? By puting great importance on undistinguished affairs, Pope reveals his society? s inclination to make the same thing.

Pope besides parodies the heroic signifier in order to expose questionable values in his clip. The banquet, a scene common in great heroic poems, is mirrored by the java scene in Pope? s mock heroic poem. ? The board with cups and spoons is crowned? in an luxuriant show to exemplify the great worth placed on China and utensils. Alternatively of vass to keep their drinks, Pope describes them as? China? s Earth [ having ] the smoke tide & # 8230 ; on reflecting alters of Japan. ? Coffee is given about supernatural powers in its ability to? [ make ] the politician wise, and see through all things with is

half-shut eyes. ? It is this? fuming spirits? that? [ sends ] up bluess in the baron? s encephalon? , animating him with the program to cut off a lock of Belinda? s hair. This scene parodies great heroic poems with the intent of satirising the importance placed on java.

Pope? s most adept weapon his possibly his gifted apposition in riming pairs. He places together the mundane with the uncommon with easiness to propose the frivolousness of the values at the clip. Canto III opens with a description of Hampton Court, where Queen Anna resides, ? whom three kingdoms obey, dost sometimes advocate take & # 8211 ; and sometimes tea. ? In this attractively constructed and compendious pair, Pope sets the tone for events to follow in the tribunal. He establishes that these people place every bit much importance on their authorities affairs and they do on their afternoon tea. The conversation of the ladies and gentlemen in the tribunal reinforces what he suggests: ? One speaks the glorification of the British Queen, and one describes and capturing Indian screen ; a 3rd interprets gestures, looks, eyes ; at every word a repute dies. ? In the same conversation, the glorification of the queen is discussed every bit good as junior-grade chitchat. Society? s distorted value system is described in a individual pair.

Pope uses every facet of the mock heroic poem to satirise the frivolousness of his society. On a general degree, he uses the heroic poem? s hyperbole to mock misplaced importance. He takes specific scenes and uses lampoon to exemplify the insignificance of rites such as java imbibing. He even uses the construction of riming pairs to juxtapose the ordinary with the extraordinary to uncover how of import things are considered. Pope successfully uses the mock heroic poem as a satirical device.

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