The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

7 July 2019

The coming to be known band: The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, is fun and catchy. I love the overall sound, especially the multiple guitars in their music. Ronnie Winter, the lead vocalist, has a great voice and can really scream. Not only are their songs good for the music but the lyrics have different meanings. Their songs contain various topics such as life, relationships, regrets, friendship, changes, and feelings. I often find myself listening to them for therapeutic reasons. When life brings me down I like to listen to Seventeen Ain’t So Sweet, It helps me feel like everything will be ok if I just hold on. All of the songs on their album, Don’t You Fake It, are good but my personal favorites, beside Seventeen Ain’t So Sweet, are False Pretense and Face Down. I highly recommend Red Jumpsuit if you ever want to listen to good music that actually means something more.

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