The Relationship between Human…

10 October 2018

The Relationship between Human Character on the Surface and the Inner CharacterIntroductionJoseph Conrad is the author of “Heart of Darkness,” the book that features most of two main characters. The book addresses the issue of moving from light into the darkness which is transcending from civilization into the savage. Through the two main characters Marlow and Kurtz in the book, the relationship between the inner and surface character. The main objective of the essay is to point out the portrays of the characteristics of human nature and how they are caused and its impact on the personality. Each character in the novel serves a purpose as they play a role in describing different characters from different personalities.

Whereby this is the real portray of what happens in any given society. The novel is a real reflection of the actual happening in our current societies.The Heart of Darkness is characterized by the behavior of the human which is portrayed by characters in the novel.

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The novel portrays the real behavior of human beings. This characterization, Conrad eliminate Marlow and Kurtz from the list of Europeans with the fact that they do not act like them and another group was the natives who were the Africans, and finally, Marlow and Kurtz represented their distinguished type of character. Sidelining of these two characters is significant in a manner that it explains how the character can be adopted and later become a personality. In “Page 207” Conrad says “human can be good or evil.

” This character of being good or evil can be depicted with the external or the internal character. The novel states out the difference between the Europeans and Africans regarding character and also the character of Marlow and Kurtz to be different from one another. Each group represents a different character and personality. This can also be caused by the desire to acquire something where there could be a need for a different personality. For the case, the character of Kurtz is altered by his greed over the ivory. This scenario draws a clear picture of how personality and character can be influenced by a desire of acquiring something. This can be either affected positively or negatively, thus the effect to those surrounding.

Kurtz is true explanation and justification of the perception that all Europeans are civilized whereas they are not. They are part of the causative of the savage in Africa. In (pg.111), Marlow argues that the character of a person can be determined by the activities someone is doing. And also overexposure can affect these. Marlow’s argument is justified by the fact about Kurtz whose initial character changed due to his change from the initial idea that he came to do in Africa and later got engaged into the ivory business that got him ruined and got to the extent of exploiting the natives. The desire to get rich diverted his mind and made him inhuman to the extent of loving ivory more than his life, whereby these love for ivory cost him his life.

This certain piece justifies that a character can be adopted and later get into someone permanently and can in turn cause harm In (pg. 140) Marlow talks on the “empty vessel.” He takes the manager to be an example of this when he says that he never gets sick because there is nothing in him. On the same perspective, he refers the brick maker to be a “paper Mache.” He describes the as the empty vessels that cannot have any feeling in them, and they think shallowly. He relates the emptiness in Kurtz and the brick maker and relates their minds in a way that they don’t contain any substance at all. ConclusionAs explained in the novel, the character can be influenced also by several factors.

There can also be a relationship between the surface character and the inner character, whereas at other times it can be different. For instance, the color of Europeans portrays some light in them and can describe the inner lightness in them, but this is contrary in the case of Kurtz who has the dark heart. The other hand Marlow also portrays both sides of lightness both internal and on the surface. The greedy dark hearted Europeans moves to Africa to exploit the natives who always have the light heart in contrary to the color they portray. In conclusion, the surface character can speak the inner of any person, and at other times, these can easily mean two different things. Africans despite their dark color are also light and good-hearted and Europeans like Kurtz are white but dark-hearted. When the European countries got civilized, individuals like Kurtz went to different countries in different continents to continue with their impunity towards people.

This show how the characters differ in different people, not all people will have to adopt the same ways of doings things, some even resist on the right ways and choose to do the wrong things.

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