The Relationship Between Yeast Fermentation And Food

8 August 2017

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In this experiment different concentrations of saccharose were tested to find which leads to the most respiratory activity in barm. Yeast is a heterotrophic anaerobic fungus which lacks chlorophyll. Yeast is used commercially to ferment the sugars of wheat, barley, and maize to bring forth intoxicant, and in the baking industry to raise or spread out dough. Yeast or alcoholic agitation is the anaerobiotic procedure of respiration by which sugars, such as glucose and saccharose, are converted into ethyl alcohol and C dioxide ( CO2 ) . This procedure is illustrated in the undermentioned equation:


C12H22O11 + H2O & # 8212 ; & gt ; 4 CH3CH2OH + 4 CO2

sucrose + H2O ( outputs ) ethanol + C dioxide

In order to find what concentration of sucrose and H2O leads to the most respiratory activity, ten big trial tubings were set with different concentrations by the procedure of consecutive dilution. The first trial tubing was filled with 40 milliliters of 60 % sucrose solution. Then, the nine staying trial tubings were serially diluted, so that the sucrose concentration ranged from 30 % to 0.12 % .

The hypothesis in this expriment was that the most respiratory activity would take topographic point with 60 % sucrose concentration. Since barm agitation requires sucrose and H2O, aproximately equal proportions of both would give to the most respiratory


Once the sucrose concentration was serially cut to the desired degree, the experimenter added 5 milliliter of yeast suspension to each one of the 10 trial tubings.

Then, ten little trial tubings were placed invertedly into each one of the big trial tubing, doing certain no air bubbles remained within the little tibes.

The trial tubing were left 24 hours, leting for agitation to take topographic point. But, no respiratory activity was detected.

In old experimentation, it was found that yeast agitation did take topographic point in different molasses concentrations. Since, molasses contains big measures of saccharose, it was assumed that different concentrations of pure saccharose would give similar consequences, when assorted with barm. However, this was non the instance.

The likely account is that in order for agitation to take topographic point, an enzyme is needed to interrupt down sucrose & # 8211 ; a disacharide & # 8211 ; into glucose and fructose & # 8211 ; monosacharides. This enzyme is present in molasses, but it is absent in the sucrose solution.

The Relationship Between Food Concentration, and Respiratory Activity

September 25, 1996


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