The Republic by Plato and the Movie The Matrix

4 April 2015
A discussion on the concept of truth, righteousness and reality as portrayed in “The Republic” and in the movie “The Matrix”.

This essay discusses the issues of righteousness, truth and reality as depicted in “The Republic” and the movie “The Matrix”. In addition, the author provides examples from the movie “The Matrix” to support his views.
“Where does the truth lie? And if we were to discover its hiding place, would we necessarily be happy with what we find there. Plato, in his allegory of the cave as put forth in The Republic, and the movie The Matrix each suggest to us a metaphor, a symbol, of the relationship between truth and the larger society although both the ideas of society and the ideas of truth vary dramatically.

The Republic was meant by Plato to be a criticism of the-current political system. Much of the criticism that Plato leveled against his own government was based in the philosopher’s metaphysical system, in his belief in a world of permanent Forms that existed well beyond the limitations of human experience. Plato argues that the state and political institutions should exist to promote these ideal Forms. ”

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