The Republic ( Plato )

4 April 2015
Looks at his ideas on justice, harmony, happiness in an ideal society & in an individual soul.

Plato’s Republic is a dialogue in which Socrates investigates the nature of the city-state and what the ideal city-state should be. The philosophical inquiry in this dialogue can be seen as addressing two primary conceptions, conceptions which are linked under the heading of idealism, with one detailing Plato’s epistemology and the other his political philosophy. The first is a more metaphysical consideration of the nature of life and the world and how we can know what we know, while the second is the practical application of various concepts to the state to demonstrate the relationship between the individual and his or her society in a utopian city-state such as Plato would create but which does not exist. Plato’s Republic describes a society that is completely rational, based on Plato’s concept of the good life and developed to create and protect that…

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