The Rich Brother

5 May 2017

Many times family can be the source of your strength as well as your greatest weakness. The short story, “The Rich Brother,” by Tobias Wolff shows the issues that people all over the world confront. One of the major themes in this story is that family ties are stronger than anything else no matter what the situation is. Since Donald and Pete were children they showed certain rivalry between them. As they grew older their difference of opinion towards life went into totally opposite horizons.

While Pete is a businessman with a great family, Donald stills single with not plan for life. When Pete knew that Donald was kicked out of the farm where he was living, Pete offered help to him. Pete offered hospitality until Donald finds his way. He also expresses his concern about what can happen to Donald in that long trip, so Pete comes and pick him up. Also Pete gave some money to Donald so he can support himself for a while. On the other hand, Donald is worry about Pete’s view from life.

The Rich Brother Essay Example

Donald tries to convince him that money is not everything in life. Although that Pete used to hurt Donald when they were kids and Donald accused him of it, deep in his heart, Donald stills loving Pete. Later on we discovered that Donald gave all the money to Webster; and when Pete realize what his little brother did he gets really displeased. After their discussion Pete left Donald at the edge of the dark and lonely road. After while Pete decided to come back and pick him up again.

Even though they have being separated for long time, Pete shows that sense of protection by taking care of Donald. As well as Donald takes care of him in his own way. That is what families do for their members, not matter what their strength or weaknesses are. After all, they have the same blood. The two brothers cannot live without one another. Even though they have many issues that superficially separate them, family ties are more important and stronger than any other thing.

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