The Right of Children and Young Person

3 March 2017

This was aimed at understanding children better and for the Filipino teacher to be more aware of the children’s rights. The code contained the following provision: To understand and help children better, it is important for every Filipino teacher to be cognizant of such rights.

The provisions of the Code regarding such rights are as follows: All children shall be entitled o the rights herein set forth without distinction as to legitimacy, sex, social status, religion, political antecedents, and other factors. 1. Every child is endowed with dignity and worth of a human being from the moment of his conception, as generally accepted in medical parlance, and has therefore, the right to be born well. 2. Every child has the right to a wholesome family life that will provide him with love, care and understanding, guidance and counseling, moral and material security. . Every child has the right to a well-rounded development of his personality to the end that he may become a happy, useful, and active member of society. 4. Every child has the right to a balance diet, adequate clothing, sufficient shelter, proper medical attention, and all the basic physical requirements of a healthy and vigorous life. 5. Every child has the right to be brought up in an atmosphere of morality and rectitude for the enrichment and the strengthening of his character. 6.

The Right of Children and Young Person Essay Example

Every child has the right to an education commensurate with his ability and to the development of his skills for the improvement of his capacity for service to himself and his fellowmen. 7. Every child has the right to full opportunities for safe and wholesome recreation and activities, individual as well as social, for the wholesome use of his leisure hours. 8. Every child has the right to protection against exploitation , improper influences, hazards, and the other conditions or circumstances prejudicial to his physical, mental, emotional, social , and moral development.

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