The Rise and Fall of the Church in Western Civilization

4 April 2015
This paper discusses the rise and fall of the early church in Western Civilization and asks the question: “Could the break up of the church have been prevented?”

This paper points out that the same factors that brought people to the early church also brought about the Reformation . The author states that as science developed, the church began to fall apart. The author concludes that it is unlikely that the breakup of the church could have been prevented.
Table of Contents
Key Points to the Church
Combination of Church and State
The Fall of the Church
More Technology, More Choices
The Church Would have Fallen Sometime
“Early Christianity taught that history was important because there were spiritual value placed on the past. Classical humanism did not believe this way, it placed value on being able to reason and put one’s talents to use. However, individuals did start churches and worked in these churches by using the talents they had. ”
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