The Rise of Islam and its Influence on Rome and Africa

4 April 2015
An in-depth look at Islam, its effect on the Roman Empire and its elimination of Christianity in Africa and its subsequent development and influence.

The author begins this paper with an examination of the development and decline of the Roman Empire and its various trade connections. The author moves on to look at the rise of Islam in the 7th century and the subsequent fall of the Axum Empire. The author continues by looking at the rise of Christianity in the Mediterranean region and its move into Africa and then how Islam essentially eliminated Christianity in those regions. The author then discusses Islam’s effect on commerce and military matters and its development in Africa by means of conquests and it’s ideology of equality among believers.
From the paper:

“The spread of Islam, from its heartland in the Middle East and North Africa to India and Southeast Asia, revealed the power of the religion and its commercial and sometimes military attributes. Civilizations were altered without being fully drawn into a single Islamic statement. A similar pattern developed in sub-Saharan Africa, as Islam provided new influences and contacts without amalgamating African culture as a whole to the Middle Eastern core. New religious, economic, and political patterns developed in relation to the Islamic surge, but great diversity remained.”

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