The Risks of Breast Implants in Teenagers

4 April 2015
This paper presents an argument against breast implants for teenagers.

This paper discusses breast implants and the risks involved. Social, psychological and health issues are discussed as they relate to teenagers undergoing breast implant surgery. Financial considerations are highlighted as well. Various opinions from professionals on the prudence of this surgery for teens are offered.
Table of Contents
Background: What is a Breast Implant?
Purpose of Report
Why Teenagers should not use Breast Implants
What are Alternatives to Breast Implants
Pros and Cons of Breast Implants
Social/Psychological/Emotional Effects on Teenagers
Ethical Issues
“For several decides women have been undergoing breast augmentation in the way of breast implants. It is a procedure designed to enhance the size of a women’s breast and millions of females have had it done. In more recent years however, the attention has turned to teenage girls. More and more teen girls are asking for surgeons to perform surgery on them and give them breast implants. Brittany Spears, the famous teen idol singer, is reputed to have had the surgery performed several years ago. There has been a lot of controversy over the implants in general. Some now claim that they have become diseased from the implants and that the implants are making them sick. Teenagers are at an increased risk for problems when it comes to breast implants.”
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