The Road To Makkah ( Muhammad Asad )

4 April 2015
A critical review of the Muslim author’s autobiography, focusing on the author’s bias toward Arabs and Islam.

Muhammad Asad, in The Road to Makkah, writes his autobiography in an honest, fascinating and accessible way which draws the reader along from chapter to chapter. What most draws the reader into the story of Asad’s life is his humility, his refusal to try to make himself more important in history than he believes he really is. He sees his life as primarily a spiritual journey, having to do more with the work of God -Allah -in his life than with any great accomplishment on his own part:

The story I am going to tell . . . is not the autobiography of a man conspicuous for his role in public affairs; . . . it is not even the story of a deliberate search for faith -for that faith came upon me . . . without any endeavor on my part. . . . My story is simply the story of a European’s discovery of …

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