The Road to My Success

Boom! Crack! I jumped to the sound of the storm. β€œThe storm is getting closer little buddy.” Exclaimed my grandfather. The sweet memorable smell of rain filled my nostrils as I sit down to have a chat with my grandfather.

During the period of our conversation Tim my grandfather mentioned the idea of collage and with a very heartfelt breath he told me to go be somebody! Explaining himself he described a much younger version of himself. β€œ I went to collage little buddy but I was forced to drop out to take care of my family but you Levi you will become somebody!” After that remark lightning stuck the ground which sent ice cold chills to race through my body and from that moment on I told myself and knew deep down inside that I was going to be somebody. This amazed me because something shook beneath my core that day which gave me a feeling that could not be pried out by anything! As I looked back over to my grandfather I saw his black sun glasses sitting on his rustic face such an iconic item associated with him. After that gaze a moment of silence filled the freshly rained air that surrounded us and a flood of laughter and smiling was shared between us.

Moments later my grandfather turned to me and said β€œYou know what little buddy? I think you would be superior lawyer!” quickly I replied β€œYou think so?” β€œHeck yeah!” He exclaimed! Pondering that thought I was shocked to see my grandfather so excited to tell me something like that but I guess that what you get for thinking! A white ball of fuzz escaped from the corner of my eye as I darted around the corner to see what passed by me I noticed our tiny frail dog, Dazy May tiny but clever. A hand appeared on my right shoulder a warm feeling of comfort drowned my body I turned to face my grandfather. As he opened his mouth I could clearly see the bright white teeth that were embedded into his mouth a nice feature of his he acquired over the years. What had come from my grandfather has forever stuck with me! β€œI believe in you little buddy you can do it!” As a ten year old boy those words forever changed me and turned up my dial for determination. If I achieve this path my grandfather has sent me down I would be the first one in my family to finish collage and become somebody. Thinking to myself it’s amazing how just a few words can change a persons` life and make an improved version of yourself!

Words are some of the most powerful things in this mysterious world we live in they have shaped this world to what it is today. As a result a lesson that my grandfather indirectly taught me the meaning of life and gave me the over powered strength that will allow me to become the most I can become. That, that right there is worth more than anything money can buy! You can’t put a price tag on love and encouragement.

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