The Roads and Transport Authority

This assignment helps to understand the local government authorities and to increase student insight on responsibilities, roles, services of government and its related programs, initiatives and services.Β In this report I have chosen a local authority in Dubai which is the Road and Transport Authority (RTA) and discuss their functions, duties and initiatives and programs, and key issues. Introduction In November 2005 Dubai government launched the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) to make modern infrastructure facilities, provide a superior transportation network and to improve roads all over the emirates to the sake of people and residence. The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA)

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) provide and maintain all transportation requirements and facilities not only in Dubai and other Emirates, but also with all neighboring countries such as Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar in order to put Dubai in a suitable shape among all countries in the region. RTA responsibilities include buses, taxis, inter-city transport, roads Engineer, registration and licensing, marine transport, commercial ads on the right of way, Roads beautification, roads and parking and rail projects.

RTA mission is to support Dubai’s growth by preparing polices and legislations, adapting technologies and innovative approaches, implementing world-class practices and standards. RTA vision is to build up an integrated and sustainable system, provide smooth and safe transportation for all parties in the United Arab Emirates, and to develop the city’s economic plans with high standards. Dubai Metro H.H Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum had announced the launch of Dubai Metro in 9th September 2009 (9:09:09 PM) which is considered the fully automated and world’s longest metro network covering 75 kilometers as mentioned in Guinness World Records. This Rail network has to operational networks the red line and the green line and further lines are planned in the future. These two lines run underground in some areas and elevated in other parts of the city.

The Dubai Metro can carry more than 10 million passengers from the launch date to February 2010 using the red line. The metro network includes 47 stations, 9 of them are underground. Two transfer stations (Union Square and Khalid Bin Al Waled). And 87 trains in the metro system. Why RTA? I have chosen RTA to work with for several reasons: 1. Honest corporate reputation 2. Effectiveness and focus on continuous success 3. Leadership and team work 4. Strategic partnership 5. Quality and customer services and loyalty

In order to apply in the RTA you need to have a full curriculum Vitea with all of your experiences and specialties then, submit the CV online on their official website:Dear Sir/Madam I am applying for a position of your office, because this place seems to fit very well with my education, skills and career interests. I have enclosed my C. V for your review. I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you and discuss how my qualifications can be guided to meet your needs. Please feel free to contact me at the addresses shown in the c. . I will be available at your convenience.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you. Curriculum Vitae Name: Abdulmotiy Munther Haroun Address: United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Al-Baraha, P. O. Box: 1626 Phone number: +971-(4)-2508132 Mobile number: +971-(50)-2341926 Email: [email protected] com Nationality: Jordanian Place of birth: Dubai Date of birth: 28th April 1993 OBJECTIVE Seeking a full time job in RTA to utilize my technical skills into the benefit and growth of the company

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