The Role as a Teacher of Young Children

4 April 2015
A paper which discusses the values a successful teacher of young children should acquire and pass on.

The paper examines which values are important for a teacher of young children to acquire in order to make them successful in their role. Issues discussed are the importance of acquiring knowledge on ADD in order to identify it early on in a child’s school career, the importance of being a good role model to the child, the fact that children should be educated by philosophy and not psychology standards and the responsibility for teaching the value of good friendship.
Not to long ago, and it may still hold true today, it was perfectly acceptable for teachers to wear unattractive and baggy clothes, no makeup and weigh two or three hundred pounds. It was not acceptable for a teacher to admit to not want children because it would ruin her figure. Teachers must inspire as well as instruct (Burke, 98). An inspirational teacher is someone whom the students will want to be like, someone who they want to follow in their footsteps. The visual sense is much more stronger than the hearing sense. Strong inspiration is motivated by the visual sense. The teachers are expected to be of higher caliber than the school cafeteria workers, therefore, a professional, appearance is preferable.
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