The Role of External Auditing in Public Sector

2 February 2017

First and foremost I want to extend my primary obligation to the Lord Almighty for the strength He gave me to persevere with this project as indeed “the going did get tough” but within Him nothing is impossible. I would also like to acknowledge all those who helped me make this project a success, many thanks to my supervisor Mr.

A. Mpofu . thank you very much for your invaluable guidance and your hard work you were very patient with me from the inception of this project to its current state I wouldn’t have produced this master piece without your support, Thank You!!!!!Special Appreciation goes to all those professionals who helped me with my primary research special mention to the Deloitte Bulawayo Audit team your assistance was of great importance to the success of this project. I would also like to express my sincere gratitude to my family ,without the your financial support and encouraging support I wouldn’t have gotten this far. A special note of appreciation also goes out to the following individuals for their unwavering support through out the preparation of this project Mr. P. T .

The Role of External Auditing in Public Sector Essay Example

Nyamuvhurudza Mr. T Mukono Takudzwa Nyuke Tapiwa Magunda Mildred PepukaiYou gave me priceless assistance guys May the Lord continue to bless you and your families. We are living in a dynamic world characterized by spontaneous changes happening in the twinkle of the eye brought about mainly by changes in Information Technology. Information Technology is slowly changing the manner of our daily living and our jobs. This research was set out to identify the changes that Information Technology has brought about specifically on the auditing profession. The research was prompted mainly by the observations that the researcher witnessed during their industrial attachment experience within an audit firm.The choice to focus on the implications on the auditing profession was due to the fact that the researcher has interest in the changes that are occurring in the audit profession in the past decade due to Information Technology.

A review of literature with information pertaining to changes that have occurred to the accounting process which affect auditing was carried out extensively this assisted to identify the general trend in the changes happening in the profession. The findings highlighted that they was a drastic change in the manner in which auditors execute their duties due to Information technology.Information was gathered from both primary and secondary sources and it was analyzed in order to give the researcher an understanding of what exactly is happening on the ground i. e. within the industry. The research indicated that the Information Technology brought so many advantages to the profession compared to the traditional manner of carrying out audits. Chapter one of this research project is a brief summary highlighting the purpose of the study as well as the approach taken by the researcher to address the research questions, it also includes the detailed definition of terms that were used in the research project.

Chapter two is the literature review which highlights what various authors have written pertaining to Information Technology and auditing. The information gathered was collected from a wide range of authors, the observations that these authors made are highlighted in the second chapter. Chapter three shows the research methodology and how the information used was collected; it also highlights the drawbacks faced by the various methods of collecting information that were used. An analysis of the information that was collected was then done in Chapter 4.

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