The role of family in the life of individual and society

8 August 2016

Family, as we all know, is the groundstone of every ones life. Our behaviour will be so similar to the behaviour of our parents’ and close family members’. When there is a good example, children have much more possibilities to grow into mentally-healthy, good-mannered adults who obey the law and respect other people’s rights without any pressure on themselves. But unfortunatelly it’s not the usual way of children growing up nowadays. Many new researches say that if there is violence, addictions, incorrect behaviour or usual troubles between the parents, the child will have 73% chance to be as deliquent as the parents.

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The role of family in the life of individual and society
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In my opinion it’s understandable, because human beings need to feel safe and beloved. That is who we are. In an enviorment of tense and unstable parents there is no way for a child to feel safe and when there is something that takes the interest of the parents from the kid, for example alcohol-, drug-, computer-, or even TV addiction, all we can get is a scared, lonley child who had to disappoint in people too early. In case of such a messy situation a sparkle is more than enough to make that offended child go lower on some slopy road of crime.

Of course these events can be prevented with proper attention. Raising Children in a large family can be helpful to children’s social developement because having a lot of siblings to interact with constantly will help a child to develope faster, and will mean they encounter and experience things through their older siblings faster than other children. There is also the factor that they will always have their siblings to protect and look after them, which can help them to be more confident.

However, raising a child in a large family unit as a parent can make the bond with the children weaker as the parent doesn’t have as much time per child to interact, meaning they might not be as close to the parent int he future. This can make them more independent which can be useful. Raising children in a smaller family might be better, because it let’s the parents form a closer bond with the child wich will last all their lives, and without the protection of having a lot of siblings in, for example, a school enviorment will make the child more self reliant in themself.

The old saying „Two can live as cheeply as one” isn’t exactly true. Two do appearto be able to live as cheaply as one and a half person, thought. Married men are more successful in work as well, getting promoted more often and recieving a higher performance appraisals. Married people live longer as well. Single men have mortality rates that are 250% higher than married men. They drink twice as much as a married men, and according to a survey, one out of four saytheir drinking causes problems. Only one out of seven married men says the same.

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