The Role Of Fate In Romeo And

Juliet Essay, Research Paper

In the drama Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, destiny is the a

dominant factor throughout the narrative, and it is the cause of many risky

events, but Romeo and Juliet were finally the 1s responsible for their

ain deceases. The word destiny generates a spot of confusion, and can hold many

different intensions. Fate is an inevitable and frequently inauspicious result or

status ; fate. The fates of these two? star crossed lovers? were

non set from the start of the narrative, but about all events that took topographic point

brought Romeo and Juliet closer to their inevitable destinies. There were excessively

many happenstances to give the reader any uncertainty that the two supporters

were wholly the Masterss of their hereafters.

The first happenstance was that Romeo and Juliet, the two lovers,

shared the

unfortunate destiny that they were from feuding households. The two of them

were a perfect

lucifer, and were wholly in love with each other, and the odds that one

was a

Montegue and one was a Capulet are improbably slender. They both showed their

heartache when

they learned that the other was from the opposite household. ? O beloved history!

my life is my

enemy? s debt. ? ( A-1: Sc5: ln 132 ) , and? My lone love sprung from my lone hatred. ?

( A-1: Sc5: ln

152 ) were the two looks that Romeo and Juliet exclaimed,

severally. Juliet had

the right thought when she showed her defeat with the feud, and its

influence on R & A ; J? s

relationship, in her solliloquy on the balcony, and said, ? What? s in a

name? That which we

name a rose, by any other word would smell as sweet & # 8230 ; ? ( A-2: Sc2: ln 41-52 )

Besides the fact that they likely would hold ne’er been able to

populate a peaceful

life, none of the calamities would hold occurred had they non met in the

foremost topographic point. This

scene, where the Montegues happen out about the drama is another turn of

destiny. The retainer

of Capulet, who happens to be illiterate, was given the occupation of stating

people about the

party, but merely those specifically on a list written up by his maestro.

Since he could non

read, he was forced to inquire two aliens to expl

ain it to him. Those two

people could

have been anyone, but they merely happened to be Romeo and Benvolio. Another

dry fact

is that Romeo went to the party because he was frantically in love with Rosaline.

Hypothetically, if Rosaline had been at that place, and she returned Romeo? s love,

so all the

following enduring would hold ne’er occurred. Romeo was wholly in

love with

another adult female traveling to the party, and merely found out about it in the first

topographic point, through

an inauspicious turn of fortune.

Although Romeo and Juliet were responsible for their ain physical

deceases, but

destiny played a large function in acquiring the two into a self-destructive mentality. The

foremost and most

obvious illustration was the quarentine in Mantua. Friar Laurence? s program was

that Juliet

would be laid in the grave, looking to be dead, and when she woke up,

Romeo would be

at that place to run into her. The Friar was to direct a message to Mantua, where Romeo


bannished to, and inform the dying male child about the sceme. This is a

apparently perfect

program, and gives the readers a sense of hope, but it is squashed when the

they discover that

there was a quarrantine in Mantua, and Romeo was unable to acquire the missive.

and, even

right to the really terminal, destiny was still rise uping it? s ugly head because if

Juliet had woken up

seconds learlier, .

Body Paragraph 4

Although R & A ; J were illfatefully put in their awkward places, it was their

falts that they

died. There were infinite cases where if a bantam item had taken

topographic point, these two

wouldn? Ts have ended up like they did.


William Shakespear had countless times where he could hold saved

both of them, but he does non. He gives the reader a small hope that the

two will last, but with each event, that hope is squashed. Although

Romeo and Juliet did non hold to kill themselves, none of the the calamities

would hold occurred, had it non been? written in the stars? . Truly destiny is

the most dominant force in the drama, and is most responsible for the deceases

of Romeo and Juliet. Reverse deus ex machina


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