The Role of Media

4 April 2015
This paper looks how mass media influences our lives.

This paper analyzes the historical contribution of the role of media by looking at the theories of Noam Chomsky and Marshall McLuhan. The author covers several different topics in this paper, including the role that the internet and television have contributed to the globalization of news and how the world is viewed by the masses. The author details the theories of Chomsky and McLuhan on mass media and its affect on the new world order. The author feels that both of these men feel that it is the role that mass media has changed the world in the last half of the twentieth century and in many cases, for the worse. In Chomsky’s case, he feels that the media is manipulating society and for McLuhan, it was the nature of mass media itself that he felt was so dangerous.
The theories of Marshall Mcluhan and Noam Chomsky provide an in-depth view of the role of media in our lives; Marshall Mcluhan was a media guru who developed theories about the role of media in mass popular culture. Mcluhan became famous and fascinated the scholarly world through two of his renowned books on media Understanding Media (1964) and The Medium is the Message in which he developed his critique of media and provided some fruitful analysis in understanding the role of media. Noam Chomsky is a well-known scholar, who has been very critical about the US policies; his theories concentrate on how government uses media to control the masses, diverting their attention from real issues and concerns.
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