The Role of Race in the Rodney King Case Essay Sample

9 September 2017

Equally much as the American populace wants to deny it. the sad truth is that race ever plays a function in the American judicial system.

In the instance of Rodney King. Americans in general stated that they were shocked by the result of the test because the grounds of the constabulary whippings were on picture tape displayed for the universe to see. However. the Black community was non shocked. In their experience. this type of unfairness happens to Blacken Americans all the clip. Although the grounds was caught on videotape. the truth did non do a difference. at least non for Rodney King.

Peoples frequently wonder if the result of the test would hold been different if the bulk of the jury members had non been white. Harmonizing to “social scientists. more diverse juries – specifically 1s that include black and white members – are more likely to portion information. do fewer mistakes in measuring the facts and possibly make fairer finding of facts than all-white juries. ” ( MacGregor. 2006 ) . Sometimes there may be unconscious favoritism based on racial stereotypes. “Ordinary racism is really difficult to see if you are white. ” ( Blee. 2003 ) .

Therefore. the judicial system needs to take a closer expression at tests that involve members of minority groups. and predominately all-white juries. The racial prejudices may non be knowing. but ne’er the less. they exist. Imagine that Rodney King was white. and everything else sing this instance was the same. Make you truly believe the constabulary officers would hold been found non guilty? Do you believe Rodney King deserved to be beat with such badness? What if he was your hubby. brother or boy?

In order to continue the American belief in autonomy and justness for all. society must guarantee that diverseness is present in the courtrooms. Peoples of all cultural backgrounds must function on the juries ; otherwise. we will go on to witness unfairness in the judicial system. Race ever plays a function in the courtroom and life.


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