The Role of Travel in The Book of Jonah and The Conference of the Birds

A look at these two literary works and the underlying meaning of travel in each.

This paper examines “The Book of Jonah” and “The Conference of the Birds”, literary works that highlight the beliefs of two prominent religions in the world: Christianity and Islam. The role that travel plays in each of these stories is discussed, as well as the effect these journeys have on the characters.
“”Jonah” is the 14th book of the Prophet’s Book (Bible). This book focuses on returning religious people, and an emphasis on the goodness and mercifulness of God. The story starts when Jonah was asked by God to travel to Nineveh to influence the people to change their sinful ways and actions. By doing so, they will be able to redeem themselves of the punishment that is in store for sinners. Jonah, instead of complying to God’s wishes, fled away to Jafa’s harbor, and boarded on a boat. Jonah’s travel on the sea became dangerous; he thought that the storm was a punishment from God because of his disobedience. Although Jonah was saved from the disaster, another misfortune befell on him: a large fish swallowed him. He stayed inside the fish’s body for 3 nights and 3 days. When he can no longer bear hiss suffering, Jonah finally asked for God’s mercy. Miraculously, after Jonah’s repent, he was thrown out of the fish’s body into the land.”
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