The Rolling Stones

9 September 2019

I knew when I got tickets to see The Rolling Stones that I was in for an experience, but I never dreamed it would be so incredible. Everything about the show was great: the songs, the lighting, and the special effects. The Rolling Stones definitely proved that they can still rock.

From the first notes of “Not Fade Away” to their final encore, the Stones filled the arena with energy and excitement. The performance was full of songs from their old albums but there were also many from their new release, “Voodoo Lounge,” including the songs, “Out of Tears” and “You Got Me Rocking.” Of course, they sang their classics “Satisfaction” and “Start Me Up,” which sounded better than ever. I was very impressed by the power and strength of Mick Jagger’s voice, considering he’s over 50. But I personally felt that one of the best songs was the “The Worst,” performed as a solo by guitarist Keith Richards.

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What really brought the concert to life were the special effects. The stage, including the huge metal snake that rose above it, was constantly exploding with flames and sparks. Also a large screen allowed even those with the worst seats to see the band performing up close.

The show, which was over all too quickly, ended with a magnificent encore and explosion of fireworks. As I stood there applauding, I realized that I would never forget this amazing experience. The Rolling Stones showed that they are still one of the best bands around

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