The Romantic Fates of Jane Austen and Anne Elliot

This essay compares the romantic life of novelist Jane Austen with that of her character, Anne Elliot in “Persuasion.”

The paper draws comparisons between “Persuasion’s Anne Elliot’s romantic struggles and that of the author, Jane Austen, suggesting that nearing the end of her life, the author was reflecting on how her own life may have eventuated had she married the man from her youth, instead of remaining single. The author examines other relationships in the novel and how those relationships represent the alternative fates Anne may have suffered had she not gained the strength to take an active role and marry for love.
From the Paper:

Jane Austen’s final novel, `Persuasion,` is an insightful portrayal of the challenges faced by women in the 1800s. The story seen through the eyes of the heroine, Anne Elliot, gives readers an impression of the influence that nineteenth century society could have on a woman’s fate, had she not the strength to resist. Anne Elliot’s character changes from passive to active over the course of the novel. It is in this way that she avoids the alternative fates dramatized for her by other women in the novel and ironically, by Jane Austen herself.”

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