The Romantics Super Hits by The Romantics

9 September 2019

The Romantics formed in Detroit, Michigan in 1977 on Valentines Day. With members Wally Palmar (Guitar/Lead Singer), Brad Elvis (Percussion), John Herrington (Theremin), Clem Burke (Percussion), Mike Skill (Lead Guitar), Rich Cole (Bass Guitar). The Romantics Super Hits album has 10 songs and was the 6th commercial album released for the band in 1998. The Romantics were starting to wind down their career at the time of the release. The Romantics had a signature sound to their music that was quickly coined “New Wave”. Along with a signature sound came a signature look, Inspired by both American Garage Rock and British Invasion music they had a wardrobe that only they could pull off. The Romantics themselves may have been forgotten through the years, but their songs are timeless and can be heard blasted from radios all over the country. The most popular, timeless and first song on the album song is “What I Like About You” which is by far The Romantics best song. Another song on the album is “Talking In Your Sleep” which is the bands second best selling song. Together all of the songs on the album create an upbeat “power-pop” style and beat. The lyrics for most of the songs on the album tell the story of the classic “boy meets girl” love story, but combined with a dance beat, makes an irresistible, catchy tune.

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