The Roswell UFO Crash Essay Research Paper

7 July 2017

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The Roswell UFO Crash Essay Research Paper
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The Roswell UFO Crash Essay, Research Paper

John Doe


English II CP

December 26, 1996

The Roswell UFO Crash

In 1947 a UFO was seen near the town of Roswell, New Mexico. It was witnessed by

many of the occupants and was described as something non of this planet. The authorities

denies any grounds of this event happening and has covered it up for may old ages. Now that more

information has become available to the populace, it is clear that something extraordinary


The town of Roswell, New Mexico was the location of many UFO sightings in the later

1940 & # 8217 ; s and was purportedly the location of a secret military base. Most of the local people had

a narrative or two to state about their experiences with these sightings, but are now coming frontward

with narratives about how the authorities threatened them non to talk of the incidents that

occurred. Some felt as though their life was endangered if they dared to talk of what they saw.

One incident in peculiar which has sparked a fad in the survey of UFO & # 8217 ; s is when a

winging disc allegedly crashed in the comeuppances of New Mexico nigh Roswell on the dark of July 8,

1947. Harmonizing to Roswell expert Henry Ritson, many civilians arrived at the clang scene and

witnessed the organic structures of foreign existences ( Roswell Reporter pg. 2 ) . These informants study to hold


humanoid existences with big, pear-shaped caputs and pouching black eyes being hauled away by

authorities and military agents and to hold been debriefed of the full happening by these


( Roswell Reporter pg. 3 ) . Some informants were threatened non to talk of the incident once more.


object in inquiry was subsequently classified by the authorities as a conditions balloon and discounted all

grounds and eyewitness studies of the UFO scene ( pg. 3 ) .

The husbandman whose field the UFO crashed in was offered a big amount of money by a local

wireless station to state his narrative on the air. He spoke of unusual foreign stuffs and a apparently

unbeatable square of foil which could non be cut or damaged. He besides described the foreign existences

Street 2

and the trade in which they traveled ( Roswell: What are We Talking About? pg. 2 ) . He was subsequently

arrested by the military and held at the authorities base. The first officer to the clang site, Lt.


Marcel, was told to do a public restatement about the clang scene and study that he had


a conditions balloon for a winging disk ( Roswell Reporter pg. 2 ) . Pictures were taken of Marcel

with the

conditions balloon and the narrative died down. Written Recordings of the official statement quotation mark Lt.

Marcel as stating, & # 8220 ; We were so dying in our probe that we mistook what is clearly a


balloon as some kind of foreign infinite travel device. & # 8221 ; ( Roswell Reporter pg. 2 ) After many old ages of

humiliation, Marcel decided to come frontward with his narrative. He explained that he was forced by


military to alter his full narrative and that it was no conditions balloon at all. This statement made

national intelligence and started a concatenation of UFO sightings from aroused UFO partisans ( Roswell and

Other Government Cover-Ups pg. 4 ) . Most of these sightings were most likely the wild


of these partisans.

Lt. Marcel had collected many samples from the crashed object on the twenty-four hours of

the clang and shown it to his household. His boy was peculiarly interested in an object which

apparently contained alien composing. The objects were confiscated by the authorities and the life

of Marcel & # 8217 ; s boy was threatened. His female parent was told non to talk of these things or suffer the

effects. If there was nil but a mere conditions balloon involved, the authorities would

hold no ground to do these menaces. After several old ages of denying the events, the authorities

was demanded by the populace to declassify all of the Roswell records. It was to go public

shortly after when it was reported that the records had been stolen and were illicitly destroyed.

All petitions for information refering the events which took topographic point near Roswell were returned

with a answer saying that no records exist of the alleged incident. Many petitions were made for

information refering the events which took topographic point by a group of persons who went on to

compose a newssheet called the Roswell Reporter. Undertaking Bluebook, a authorities undertaking which

contained all UFO studies of that period, contained no records of this incident, despite the fact

Street 3

that it is the most talked about UFO happening in history ( Roswell Reporter pg. 2 ) . This undertaking

became declassified and all records were released to the populace ( pg. 3 ) . The Roswell incident

was non listed in any of them. There is evidently some ground the authorities does non desire the

public to cognize the inside informations of the clang. ( Roswell: What are We Talking About? pg. 1 )

UFO sceptics have alternate theories as to what the clang really was. One theory is

that these objects we see are really balls of gas or plasma caused by tectonic motion

within the Earth. This would still non explicate the organic structures seen by the eyewitnesses. Another theory

is that these foreigners do non come from another planet at all. These existences could be from the hereafter

or even another dimension. All of these theories may sound far-fetched, but we have no manner of

confuting them. Even the antediluvian Indians documented winging objects in coils ( Ancient Indian

Flying Devicess pg. 1 ) . They claimed to hold built objects for planetal flight and operated them

with the self-importance and psyche ( pg. 2 ) . These narratives were ne’er proven or disproven but the fact remains

that the history of winging discs day of the months back long before the age of modern adult male ( Childress pg. 1 ) .

Childress provinces that non merely was there certification found on these ships, but besides narratives of

interplanetary travel ( pg. 3 ) .

The authorities has kept the information about the clang at Roswell, New Mexico a

secret. If so many people witnessed this clang from so far off, it would be difficult to conceive of that

the object is a conditions balloon. It could hold been a secret authorities experiment gone bad or

even a trade from another universe. In any instance, the populace has the right to cognize the truth. The cogent evidence

of other intelligent life signifiers bing in the existence would be a great measure in human cognition.

The secretiveness environing the full incident makes it look as if the authorities has already

learned from these existences. Some UFO partisans besides believe that the authorities gets

information on new engineering from the aliens. The monolithic addition in engineering in

the 1950 & # 8217 ; s and & # 8217 ; 60 & # 8217 ; s supports this construct. New military aircrafts have shown marks of advanced

engineering and aeromechanicss. The stealing bomber is a good illustration of this new engineering.

The contention about foreigners and the incident at Roswell, New Mexico will most likely

Street 4

continue until either foreigners make contact with worlds publicly or until the authorities admits

to the cover-ups in Roswell and other UFO sightings.

This clang was a really of import historical event in the eyes of many, and the

authorities has done a good occupation of maintaining the inside informations of the event a secret. No affair what the

object was, it surely opened the eyes of the populace. The people involved in the incident and

those who witnessed it are the lone 1s who know for certain what truly happened on that

memorable eventide. They have been silenced by the authorities, and may ne’er talk of the

events that occurred that dark. They are the few who have seen precisely what is out at that place. The

remainder may ne’er cognize.

Who can the American people trust? If their ain authorities keeps one of the most

of import events in human history a secret, there is no stating what else they know. It is right of

the populace to cognize what is history and what is a ill-conceived conditions balloon.

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