The Royal Crypts Of Copan Essay Research

7 July 2017

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The Royal Crypts Of Copan Essay, Research Paper

The Royal Crypts of Copan

In his article The Royal Crypts of Copan, George Stuart explores the ruins of the Mayan civilization. Along with Kenneth Garrett, Christopher Klein, and an archaeological squad from the University of Pennsylvania Museum, this Chairman of the Committee for Research and Exploration at National Geographic leads his readers through a arresting circuit of the ancient crypts in Honduras. His article can be found in the December 1997 issue of National Geographic ( Volume 192, No. 6 ) , between pages 68 and 93.

George Stuart & # 8217 ; s first geographic expedition of the metropolis of Copan occurred 25 old ages before, in 1962, when he immediately fell in love with the architecture and graphics of the Mayan people. The find of the remains of a really of import Mayan King caused Stuart to return to the site in late 1997. The writer made it really clear that he had a certain fond regard with this topographic point, and was really aroused to hold an alibi to return.

The find was that of the remains of K & # 8217 ; inich Yax K & # 8217 ; uk & # 8217 ; Mo & # 8217 ; , Sun-eyed Green Quetzal Macaw, the god-king who was revered and referred to in fabrications as & # 8220 ; the laminitis & # 8221 ; . Scholars believe that he was a Godhead who founded Copan after the ruin of his hometown ( believed to be someplace in the northern part of the Mayan district ) . It is besides believed that he is the King who established the dynasty that ruled the part for over 400 old ages.

The metropolis of Copan is located a few stat mis east of boundary line between Honduras and Guatemala. This metropolis was the cardinal land during the Maya Classic period, between 400 and 850 AD. There stands the Acropolis, a big construction utilized by the Mayan people for parties, assemblages, and spiritual ceremonials. There was a ball tribunal, where a soccer-style game was held, suites for ritual nuptialss, and even secret courtyards where spiritual ceremonials, ascendant worship and vision pursuits would take topographic point. The Acropolis was built on top of 80 million three-dimensional pess of fill, and located right following to the Copan River. It is believed that each of the 16 male monarchs during the Copan dynasty added to what their predecessor had completed in his life-time.

The focal point of the article, nevertheless, is on the crypts that are hidden in the many hills beneath and environing the Acropolis. For over 150 old ages archaeologists have been unearthing the Acropolis and the many graves below, but this find may turn out to be the most important to all old findings. All archaeological work done in this country over the past few decennaries has found images and icons mentioning to a great & # 8220 ; laminitis & # 8221 ; , a god-king who is credited with the success of the Mayas. This find will assist archaeologists to make full in the spreads on many inquiries that remain about the Mayan civilization.

The article goes on to depict a room in the Acropolis that has been nicknamed Rosalila, merely below Unit 16 on the digging site, where the organic structure of a adult female of royal personage was discovered. She was buried on a rectangle-shaped rock with over 10,000 jade beads around her lower legs, all right engraved jade beads, haematite and cinnabar were around her cervix, and many letterings picturing K & # 8217 ; inich Yax K & # 8217 ; uk & # 8217 ; Mo & # 8217 ; around her grave. This topographic point was

revisited by many coevalss of Mayas, which would take to the idea that she was really of import to their civilization. It has besides been discovered that she has cicatrixs on her pelvic bone, as to demo that she had at least one kid during her life. Archeologists now believe that she was the married woman and widow of the laminitis, and that would do her into the Queen Mother for the 15 coevalss that followed her husband’s regulation.

As I stated earlier, this site seemingly holds great important value to the writer, for he spends a great trade of clip depicting each image that appears, so as to non free any of the thaumaturgy or enigma that is sealed in each shooting. Many are images of hieroglyphics and long accounts as to what is depicted in them. Some are merely images of the grave themselves, and the hoarded wealths that are buried in them. Each image, nevertheless, has an obvious deep significance to the writer & # 8217 ; s survey.

The cover image of the narrative shows the skeletal remains of the laminitis. It is an astonishing shooting, demoing the castanetss that are now a ruddy colour from the cinnabar ( mercurous acid ) that was coated on the dead organic structure before the entombment. Cinnabar was sacred to the Mayas, and it is thought that they believed the ruddy colour to typify the Sun lifting in the E, or even resurrection itself. Both the laminitis and the female & # 8217 ; s organic structures were covered with this, turn outing that the Mayas did believe these people to be really great. The image shows the male monarch as he was found in his crypt, with many cherished rocks around him, all turning ruddy from the cinnabar.

Other images in the article demo how the archaeologists work so difficult to continue the castanetss and artefacts that they find. It shows glances of the delicate attention that they take to clean and hive away everything they remove and how they try to patch together skeletons and artefacts that have been damaged over 100s of old ages of environmental anguish.

My favourite images, nevertheless, were the two cutaways of the Acropolis, demoing the many graves and passageways that both the Mayas and the archaeologists used to research the great construction. Artists have taken a great trade of clip working to pull a existent life representation of what the Acropolis looked like in its yearss of glorification.

I feel that the writer is coming to the decision that the Mayan Culture is of the most of import facets of our history. We have frequently heard that history repetitions itself, so we can handle the information that we have gained about that civilization as a valuable lesson, so that we might non reiterate their errors. Granted, I don & # 8217 ; t see excessively many people traveling around offering panther forfeits to the Sun God today, but I do believe that there are many similarities between their civilization and some of the civilizations that we see today.

Archeology has ever been one of my involvements, and that is why I chose this article. I enjoy larning about past civilisations, what their strengths and failings were, and largely, what sort of engineerings they utilized to do themselves so great. The fact that a male monarch & # 8217 ; s remains can be found and restored about 1500 old ages after he died is really challenging, and I truly believe that the more that we learn about them, so the more we can larn about ourselves.

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