The Ruum vs. Zoo Compare and Contrast

These two stories help us understand.

“Zoo” is about a collection of creatures who are visiting Earth to be apart of a zoo exhibit, however the creatures believe they are visiting a zoo of humans, not being in a exhibit of one. “The Ruum” is about a guy named Jim who has been ordered to go back and get the H-9 Ruum they left behind on the third planet. All is well until Jim encounters the H-9. Jim is matches the search specifications and is now on the list to become apart of the Ruum’s collection of creatures. “Zoo” by Edward D.Hoch and “The Ruum” by Arthur Porges are both science fiction stories that tell about futuristic or past objects or the way people act. They are similar and different when it comes to setting and surprise endings.

In both stories, setting plays an important role. In “The Rumm” the setting is in the past “and on Earth, it was the age of reptiles”. The story takes place on the “third planet”. “Zoo” however takes place in the future and at a zoo, and several different planets, with modern technology but futuristic discoveries.Both stories had a surprise ending, in “The Ruum” the surprise ending was when Jim lost ten pounds during the chase while running from the ruum, which put him out of the ruum’s weight criteria. On the other hand in “Zoo” was when the creatures thought that the people of Earth were part of an exhibit at the zoo. “Zoo” by Edward D.

Hoch and “The Ruum” by Arthur Porges are both science fictional stories that tell about the future or past and help us to understand wonders of the way things worked or behaved in either time periods.

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